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United States History Review

Final Exam Test Prep

Timothy Farnan

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of United States History Review

The GREAT Compromise House of Rep Senate Based on state popluation Equal Rep per state Checks and Balances Three Branches Executive (Pres) Legislative (Congress) Judicial (Courts) Manifest Destiny Our duty to move West! East? South? ? WEST! Industrial Revolution Abundant Natural Resources
Large Workforce
Free Enterprise
New Inventions
Coal, Water, Timber, Iron, Copper, etc... Immigration = population growth laissez-faire = let people (business) do as they want. Gov't should stay out! telephone, lightbulb, battery, etc... North? Why did so many immigrants come to America? Opportunity Jobs, Wealth, Freedom... a better life! Nativism? preference for native born people
wanted to limit immigration. Why? Taking jobs... blamed
for the problems that
came with industrialism
and urbanization. Urbanization People moving to urban areas
from rural areas Political Machines serve a purpose... give the assistance
new immigrants
desired, that the
govt wasn't providing jobs, housing, food, heat, etc
in exchange for... VOTES! CORRUPTION The Gilded Age Looked great on the outside,
problems lying beneath the
beautiful surface. Corruption leads to Reform Example:
Spoils system
friends get/give jobs Pendleton Act
govt jobs given to the most qualified; took tests! Progressivism What does it mean to be progressive? Forward thinking?
Thinking outside the box?
Change? Progressive Reforms Muckrackers
uncovered corruption in politics and society

Crime, illiteracy, alcohol abuse, child labor, health and safety, etc... Find Problems... Fix problems What was the purpose and the effect of The Jungle? Is big business too BIG? Tariffs? Protect U.S. business but
hurt Americans.
How? Before we move on...
Some basic Progressive Beliefs People could improve society by relying on science and knowledge
Industrialism and urbanization caused problems
Government should fix these problems
But first, government should be fixed... The Great War
The War to End all Wars...
(or WWI) One Archduke assassinated...
leads to WWI How? Old and New alliances
Small countries with big friends United States Involvement Many Americans supported the Allies (hoped they would win),
but did not want to get involved in Europes old problems. Two Problems
Sinking our ships
Zimmerman Telegram Mobolizing for War Selective Service (draft)
The lottery you don't
want to win But 2 million volunteered! Federal Mobilization Agencies
War Industries Board
Railroad Administration
Food Admin
Fuel Admin

The government ran the economy! We Win! But lose... Reparations or punishment of Germany leads to terrible economies and the rise of dictators Prosperity! Govt letting Business do as they want
High tariffs
Low taxes... low spending Mass prod. reduced prices
New technology and consumer goods More disposable income
easy credit
BUY BUY BUY! BULL MARKET! Stock Market? Easy Money!
What risk? The Great Depression! a viscous cycle Overproduction and low demand leads to employee layoffs Less people working... even less demand! More layoffs? High Tariffs...
No trade. All this stuff, and no one to buy it... businesses close, more people lose their jobs.
and? Fixing the Economy The New Deal Help Banks
Help Farmers
Help the Unemployed

But how much help is enough and too much? Created Programs to... Remember WWII?

YOU BETTER! Quick List to think about...
Neutrality Act 1935 (1939)
Destroyers for Bases Deal
Lend-Lease Act
Bombing of Pearl Harbor
Double- V Campaign
Japanese Internment
Battle at Midway
The Atomic Age
Civil Rights Separate but Equal?

Impossible. Sit-ins
Shame people into integration Non-violent protest
make the segregationists look bad Brown v Board of Edu
overturned Plessy v. Ferguson Linda Brown How to create change? Boycotts
Hurt their $, they will change Non-violent protest
is often met with
violent resistance. Others wanted to meet violence
with violence Black Power Movement Frustrated by the slow gains...
sick of asking for equality, they
were ready to take it. They didn't need to change, society needed to...
Emphasized pride in their culture. leads to...
Black Panther Movement
(a more militant group) Us History 3 Branches
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