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Learning Environments - Learning Technologies

Individual Assignment #1 - Evaluation of 3 Learning Environments or Technologies

Stine Gaaseide Røsås Liseth

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of Learning Environments - Learning Technologies

it's learning
-is it? - a digital
platform http://www.itslearning.eu/ - in this learning environment, teachers use different technology to present curriculum and give assignments - in this learning environment, students use different technology to study curriculum and submit assignments + what are the advantages of
Blended Learning? http://www.itslearning.eu/the-three-elements-of-blended-learning Film + can be used to
flip the classroom.
The teacher makes instruction videos
for the students to watch at home,
or anywhere, anytime - it does not allow the students
to ask questions
during the presentation + students can choose to
submit an assignment
by making a video clip.
Those having problems
with writing are given
a different venue
to show their skills and knowledge - not everybody has a camera
(webcam or smart phone).
Also, for some students,
the video clip can be a too easy option
and might disguise
and draw attention from
writing problems Audio + by using the audio tool
in itslearning,
teachers can "talk" to the students.
Both in instructions and
feedback. It's faster to make an audio clip than to write. It's also more personalized.
Research shows that spoken feedback has stronger effect than written feedback - it might give extra work
for the teacher.
It's probably not enough
to make an audio clip
to give instructions
or messages.
Some students have problems
to catch information given
as audio,
and need the written text Tests
- with automatic
feedback + the test tool in itslearning
can be used in different ways.
To practice, to test knowledge,
to show knowledge.
The tests can be used
over and over again - the students need access to a computer, and they need to be online to participate + tests with automatic feedback give
the students feedback immediately.
That might give them motivation to
practice more - if the test is too difficult,
it will remind the student
over and over again
of his or her inadequacy - a Learning Management System (LMS) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Learning_management_system - technology itself does not create learning - technology is a tool to create learning - what are the disadvantages of
Blended Learning? - by Stine
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