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Daily Life of Ancient Egyptians

Danika Harvey

Jaci Howard

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of Daily Life of Ancient Egyptians

Daily Life of Ancient Egyptians
Ancient Egyptians had some things that are in modern times.
More common people lived in villages that were very cramped.
Upper class men lived in the estates on the outskirts.
If you were rich or if you were poor, you still had very little furniture.
Ordinary people only had one bed or even no beds.
During the summer time, to keep cool people would sleep on their roof.
Daily Life of Farmers
The dishes of commoners was made of clay.
The nobles and pharaohs ate on gold, silver, and bronze.
Family time was respected a lot in Ancient Egypt.
Women and children were also respected greatly.
Everyone wore makeup to protect their faces from the sun.
Daily Life Continued
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