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Amanda Aber

on 8 June 2010

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Transcript of Amanda

Curley's wife and persecution "what a tramp. so that's what curley picks for a wife." Curley's wife is ignored and no one really payed attention to what she had to say All because she is a woman... Many women,like Curley's wife, a
weren't treated as equals to men. As we read Of Mice and Men we assume that Curley is control of his wife and during this time, men seemed to have more of a say than women. Before late August 1920, many women were not able to vote, and have a say in government, causing them to feel less superior to men, when really, they had the same natural rights as men
Two Women, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucreita Mott led a huge group of women to congress to Pass the 19th amendement, which gave women the right to vote
Then on August 26th 1920, They Had accomplished their goal the 19th amendment was passed. It had taken women just like Mott and Stanton Decades before women's suffrage rights were passed.
"Aint I got a right to talk to nobody? whatta they think i am anyway?" But Today still in 2010, women sometimes arent always treated the same Wal-Mart, the biggest retail chain in the world, is being accused of paying its female employees less than its male workers. It is estimated that 1 million female workers are going to the highest court in the nationto gain their"fair pay" rights back. In the end, we have to realize that women are exact equals to men, and do not deserveto be treated as lower class than men. The values that were used in Mice and Men towards women are negative.
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