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Salman Rushdie - Yorick

Presentation of a short-story from a Lacanian point of view

András Fodor

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Salman Rushdie - Yorick

Salman Rushdie Yorick Yorick's saga
Saxo Grammaticus
Shakespeare's Hamlet Uncertainty of the story "it's my present intent not merely
to abbreviate, but, in addition, to explicate, annotate, hyphenate, palatinate & permanganate - for it's a narrative that richly rewards the scholar who is competent to apply such sensitive technologies." (p. 1.) Honvendillus – Hamlet's father

Ophelia was Yorick's wife, she had a problem with her breath ”the rottenest-smelling exhalation in the state of Denmark” (p.2.) Pointing out certain issues which were not 'included' in the play Something is rotten in the state of Denmark (Marcellus, H1:4) Hamlet, you want for nothing: yet Yorick finds you wanting. (p. 3.) Lacanian reading It's sure he hated Ophelia (p. 3.) At seven, Prince Amlethus is disturbed by something in this girl, but cannot give it name. (p. 3.) He was a lonely child, who saw in Yorick a father as well as a servant, viz. the best, the perfect father, for every son would make his father a slave. (p. 3.) fine touches of psychology (p. 4) Underlined intentions of the presentation of the Oedipal complex. At age seven, Hamlet should be in the 'latency stage', but he is still in the phallic stage at age seven. /4-6 years/ unmatured child. Hamlet tries to rescue his mother father beats him ”dark dreams of revenge” (p. 5.) are beaten in
particide Hamlet kills his father by using Yorick, Claudius replaces Hamlet's place blame Claudius Castration is the punishment for incest This episode is about Hamlet's mother being 'castrated' by his father in front of Hamlet. Hamlet's father punishes his mother for being bad /”falling wild upon the lady” (p. 5.)/ Castration anxiety
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