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Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

No description

Meagan Douglass

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

Joshua L. Chamberlain Childhood Personal Life Military Career Postwar Career born on September 8, 1828
was born with the name Lawrence Joshua,
but changed the order of his name when he got to college
oldest of 5 children: 3 brothers and 1 sister
grew up on a 100 acre farm
hunted as a teen, but didn't like the thought of killing for sport
wasn't allowed to read novel, considered to be 'immoral'
College Bowdoin College
got a late start at age 20
was able to read his first novel "The House of Seven Gables"
became fluent in nine languages
his classmates called him 'Jack', which pleased him
didn't drink
overcame his stammering problem that he secretly had since childhood
won't rat out his friends who were seen drinking and causing trouble in town, even though that meant Chamberlain would be suspened
Married Fannie Adams on December 7, 1855
his daughter Grace was born in October, 1856
his other duaghter Harold was born in October,1858
three other chilren were born, but none made it past their first year
got a job at Bowdoin College as a Rhetoric professor
bought a house
his brother Horace died from TB on Chamberlain's 6th wedding anniversary
July 14, 1842 Chamberlain wrote a letter to the governor of Maine asking to enlist
family and colleagues didn't want him to leave, afraid he wouldn't return alive
Governor appointed him as Lieutenant Colonel of Maine's 20th Infantry Regiment
he was second-in-command after Colonel Adelbert Ames who took Chamberlain under his wing

Early Military Career saw first major battle action in Fredericksburg, VA, in December 1862 where he was wounded
promoted to full Colonel on June 23, 1863
leadership was tested when 120 men from the 2nd Maine regiment were put under his control
got sunstroke on a march in pursuit of Lee's Army
20th of Maine was sent to Little Round Top in Gettysberg where they held the major left flank
of the 20th Maine went back and taught at Bowdoin College
was elected as a Republican Governor of Maine in 1866 and served for four terms
was elected president of his alma mater, Bowdoin College in 1871
died on February 24, 1914

had several books written about him
many movies were made with him as a character
ordered his men to spread even further out
during the battle hours later, Chamberlain's men were running out of ammunition so he ordered them to use their bayonets
Rebels weren't prepared, some surrendered others ran
one shot a revolver at point blank range, but the gun misfired
earned Medal of Honor
selected by Grant to recieve the formal surrender from the Confederate Army
left the military on January 15, 1866
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