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City of Ember

No description

Kevin Dang

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of City of Ember

Character Background:

Doon is a 12 year old boy who knows more to Ember than the Mayor will speak of. He goes on a journey with Lina to save Ember before everything goes dark

Lina is also a 12 years old. Her job would be "Pipe works". Horrible, she thinks. That is until Doon trades his, glorious, job "Messenger". She goes on a miraculous journey with Doon to save Ember.
-Doon Harrow
-Lina Mayfleet

-The Mayor
-The city officials

Other Characters
-Grandma Mayfleet
How can underground cities maintain electrical power?
Book Summary
The City of Ember takes place in an underground post-apocalyptic society. It's aging infrastructure, dwindling food supply, and dying resources alarms the people of Ember. However, one day, Lina happens to come across a set of instructions to escape the city while cleaning up her apartment. Even though the instructions were in very bad condition, it did not stop Lina's hope for the city. Through rigorous steps of mapping out the puzzle and with the help of Doon, Lina manages to escape Ember and go back to the surface of Earth.
By: Jeanne DuPrau
The City of Ember
According to International Rivers, water can easily flow downstream and push turbines. This method is called hydroelectricity. Once water pushes the motors, the revolutions of the turbines starts to charge and build up energy.
How long does it take for Earth to recover from a nuclear fallout?
According to Justin Li a publisher from Quora, recovery from nuclear radiation varies. Depending on the type of radiation, recovery could take from 75-100 years. Hiroshima for example, still has traces of radiation but is now inhabitable. Chernobyl however, is still in the process after 29 years.
What disaster would force us underground?
Holly Cefrey from TechMedia Network says that an asteroid might also be the reason why people need to leave the surface of Earth. An asteroid would heat the air it passes through to 50,000 [degrees Fahrenheit] making Earth a giant dust ball. Not only would this dry up the Earth but the temperature would be unbearable.
Can fruits and vegetables grow underground far from the sun?
The only way to grow vegetation far from the sun is either by gene splicing or using specialized light. A group Martek Biosciences Corporation and the Carnegie Institution of Washington spliced the gene of a microalgae and inserted a new gene that can provide the microalgae with its own source of energy to grow. Steve Dring and Richard Ballard in London grow vegetation underground using a special led infrared light that the plants need in order to survive.
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