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Latin Trumps All

Why secondary students should always chose Latin as their first language of study.

Ryan Vance

on 12 September 2011

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Transcript of Latin Trumps All

Latin Trumps All The mother Language for the five Romance Languages. The proof is in the pudding. Latin students statistically and consistently outperform the tradiational world languages. You think that Latin is too tough, right?

Wrong, every language is hard...

Every language has grammar...

Every Language has exceptions to their rules...

Heck English is one of the most difficult
languages to learn. Training your brain to think in dynamic ways?

Improve your memorization abilities? Want to build better English Skills? Want a larger vocabulary? Latin makes some big brain, umm humm. :p Then, why take Latin? Do you want to go to college? Do you want a sense of intellect
and academic curiosity? Do you want the keys to success
in a multitude of careers and disciplines? 60% percent of all English words
have a Latin or Greek
root, prefix or suffix. A plethora of Legal, Scientific and Medical terms
phrases and roots come from Latin words. United (uni = one) States (stat = stands) "stand as one"
Curious = Cur means“Why”…ious means “full of”
Video actually means “I see”
Virginia= comes from virgo means Maiden
Civics = comes from civis means a citizen
Science = comes from sci, scire = to know
Computer = con = together…puto, putare = to think Virginia's State Motto:
Sic Semper Tyrannis =
Thus Always to Tyrannts E Pluribus Unum:
“Out of Many One”
Comes from a poem by Vergil, where he talks about salad Ingredients. Annuit Coepts
“He has approved our undertakings/beginnings.”

Novus Ord Seclrum
“New Rank of the Ages" The Great Seal of the United States Take a quick tour of Rome 3D style! From a ghost... To reality... Latin will trump any other languages Latin can be your base to
the Romance Languages,
words, careers and life!
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