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BY: Alex Cornett, Amy Petty, Ashley Nicole

second sannyasins

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Sannyasins

What is a sannyasin?
A sannyasin is a person who gives up,
or renounces, the duties and possessions of
the everyday world. What is a goal of a sannyasin?
Acheiving moksha after many lifetimes of good acts and increasing spirtual knowledge and understanding. FACT:
People often seek for sannyasins
for spiritual guidance and may give them
gifts of food and other things for thanks. FACT:
Some sannyasins live in monestaries,
while others renounce shelter and wander the land instead. What is yoga? Why do
sannyasins practice it?
Yoga includes the practices of meditation, breathing exercises and reciting prayers and songs of devotion to God. They use it to help them achieve their spiritual goals of self-knowledge and union with God. FACT:
Sannyasins have existed since
hinduism's earliest days and were refered to as ancient writings ascetics. Ascetics are people who deny themselves most human comforts for religous reasons. BY: ALEX, AMY....... and sorta Ashley ;) B) <-- BEAST MODE!!! HAHA THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! (: I LOVE YOU MRS.APPL!!
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