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Prince Henry The Navigator

explorer project

Sophia H

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Prince Henry The Navigator

Prince Henry The Navigator Native Country Henry's native country was Portugal which is located on the western side of Spain. Journey
that his explorers took His routes Picture of Prince Henry He was exploring for Portugal,his native country.
1420-1460 were the years he sent out expeditions. Reason for trip? He wanted to explore different lands in the Atlantic Ocean.
He also wanted to bring home slaves & different types of fruit.
He wanted to find a different water route to Asia. Accomplishments One of Prince Henry's biggest accomplishments was pushing his explorers to navigate the western coast of Africa to get ready to find a new water route to Asia. Fun/ Interesting Facts By:Sophia #9 5D His Family Henry Father John Mother Philippa His two famous Pilots He had two men that had some accomplishments. One of them was Nuno Tristan who sailed as far as Guines-Bissau and brought back the first slaves. The next one was Cadamosto who discovered the Gambia riverand discovered the Cape Verde islands. What religion was he? Prince Henry the Navigator was Roman Catholic, Fun Facts Prince Henry the Navigator died on November,13th 1460 at age 66. He is named Henry the Navigator, because his explorers were the first ones to sail across Africa's Gambia river. Prince Henry also opened a school of navigation and he improved in math and navigation. He was the third son born in his family. He was born on March,4th 1394. Henry never got married and never had kids of his own. Sponsor Country and Years of Exploration Gambia River His expeditions went south from Portugal, along the side of Western Africa and went through the Gambia River to get into Africa to get goods and slaves.
After his death the work continued under the work of his nephew until a route to Asia was found. Routes Taken
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