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What is...?

No description

Shiranthi Jawahar

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of What is...?

initial selling base- www.twisterflasksnow.com
serviceable obtainable market- all popular retail stores in the Bay Area
social network marketing- advertising with hashtags and facebook ad
idea spreads around- will lead to serviceable available- all retail stores in United States
total available market- international base of retail stores
highest income of profit
concept of removable bottom and top are in Clean Bottle
Clean bottle's disadvantages: made of plastic, can only hold water, expensive with fewer abilities
Why is our product better?
Our product has a water proof timer, can store items that actually stain, and has many abilities for the price
Clean Bottle vs. Twister Flasks
Twister Flasks is the clear winner
become international in both retail and e-commerce
increase popularity of product (word of mouth)
bottle/flask industry is a growing industry
company holds value over millions of dollars
profit from two selling points
keep growing to start company
add new features to new products, improve company
soon company becomes a multi-million dollar company
Twister Flasks
revolutionary new product that can be used in everyday life
efficient way to clean harmful residue
includes many unique features, such as a timer
structure is sturdy, and like none other before
has an easy removable base
Next Big Thing
expresses modern era of innovation
unique idea of waterproof timer
removable top and bottom
no other product like this out there
marketed towards everyone
How does it "twist"?
the top of the flask will be twisted off by simply rotating it 3 times
the bottom will be clicked on by sealing the vacuum flask so the heat will stay intact
the bottom of the flask will approximately be 1/2 in,
simple and easy to use
What is...?
Why? How?
10% for 100k
one flask is $4.35 and one timer is $3.59
unit price in e-commerce is $21.99
gross profit margin of 63%
use majority of profits for more inventory space, connections with retails and manufacturing more content
requesting $100,000 for 10% of company
valuing company at $1,000,000
Shiranthi Jawahar, Sanjana Rajesh
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