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Drama Self Reflection


Antony Yang

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Drama Self Reflection

I used the elements of tableau to create meaning by using body expression, face expression, and focal point. We used body expression and focal point by all facing the person that most demonstrates the main scene, this creates meaning because it helps the audience have an understanding of what our scene is about; our scene is about the prison guard giving the letter to the writer, so our bodies were facing the the writer and the prison guard who is giving the letter. We used face expression to show the audience how each character of the scene is feeling; in our scene, i was feeling hopeful but i was also very sick, so i tried to have a little smile on my face, but to also act like i can barely talk or do anything so the audience could sort of infer what's happening.
How did you use the elements of tableau to create meaning?
How did you use movement to create meaning?
We used movement in our drama to create meaning by using movement that connect to our feelings. My character was in prison so he felt very sad and he was very sick, so when we did our movement, I tried to act like I'm wiping my tears off my face and I also had a small frown on my face to show my sadness. I also did this my trying to have movements that weren't as big or showed excitement because those don't represent my character's feeling of sadness, so I tried to have more movement that weren't as positive.
What did you learn about yourself this unit?
Things I learned about myself during this unit is that I really enjoy acting and doing things with my whole body. I realized this because I've noticed myself being very positive and smiling a lot when I am like doing our movement or just staying in our tableau. I noticed I really like to do things with my whole body, because we tested with our movement only moving a part of our body compared our whole body and during that, I was really bored only moving my arms, but once our legs got involved, I had a ton of fun
What does creating drama teach you about your life?
Something that creating drama taught me is that both sides can have a different perspective and story. I learned this because we had two different classes doing two different characters in the story, we both had a different picture and both sides told a different story, even though we did the same book. Both the sides had similarities, but each side focused more on which ever character their side was doing, our was the jail guard, so we but our focus on that.
By: antony
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