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Drums, Girls, and Dangerous pie

No description

Jorge Marquez

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of Drums, Girls, and Dangerous pie

Plot Analysis
Style Analysis
Style Analysis
The story's main character or protagonist is Steven Alper, a shy 13 year old boy who loves to play drums. This novel takes place in present day New Jersey, Steven Alper's house, the school he attends to, and the hospital in Philadelphia, where his brother, Jeffrey is being hospitalized.
The main conflict or problem in this story is Jeffrey's cancer and how Steven struggles with all the new changes in his life. The antagonist or "enemy" is Jeffrey's disease.

By Jordan Sonnenblick
Jorge Marquez
8th Grade

Drums, Girls, and Dangerous pie
Rising Action
The main inicident that changed everything was the day October 7th, in which Steven wakes up, makes his little brother "moatmeal" and while cooking, Jeffrey sits on the bar stool, then falls and passes out with a really bloody nose. Later on the story, the Alper family finds out Jeffrey has Leukemia, a type of blood cancer.
The Alper family has been spending a lot of money in Jeffrey's treatment. Because of this, Steven's friend Annete, and his crush Renee, make a benefit concert for the Alper family, not only to help their economic problems, but to help Jeffrey in his battle against cancer.
Because of health problems, Jeffrey leaves the concert and takes off to the hospital. Thanks to Samantha's (a patient of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) advice to Steven about always staying with his brother no matter what, Steven decides to leave the concert and accompany his brother to the hospital.
Falling Action
The benefit concert was a big success. It turns out Jeffrey had an ear infection. Through out the end of the story, Jeffrey's health is improving, Steven and Annette's friendship reaches a new level, and the Alper family reunites.


Although part of the story takes place in the "Children's Hospital of Philadelphia", (where Steven's younger brother is being held) the novel takes place in present day New Jersey at Steven Alper's middle school and house.
The author uses this element to inform the reader where and when the story happens. This setting is related to the theme appreciation. For example when you lose people or things important to you, you appreciate them the most. A hospital is the perfect place to symbolize you can lose someone.

The novel's theme is appreciation. For instance, before the events and all the struggle of Jeffrey's disease, Steven always considered his younger brother as an annoying kid. Thanks to this experience, Steven can now learn and appreciate the importance of Jeffrey in his family.
The author used this element to symbolize or demonstrate the importance of family. As a result, the reader is now able not only to understand better the story, but to compare this learnings in real life.
Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie
is one of the most interesting novels I have ever read. I love the way that the author uses both humor and drama in the story.
Overall I will describe this novel as a fun but dramatic story.
"Instead of agonizing about the things you can't change, why don't you try working on the things you

For example:
"Now, I would always have two pairs of Special Sticks"
At the beginning of the book, Steven explains how his Special Sticks were one of the most important things in his life. But, throughout the middle of the story, the Special Sticks' value decreased. Steven realized that all the material stuff doesn't matter and what matters is family.

The story ends in Steven's graduation where, Steven now appreciates and admits his love for his younger brother.
"And if there's was one thing I've figured out, it was that your mind is something you always can change"
"Boy, if you ever want to shut up a room full of grown-ups, evidently "My brother has cancer" is the secret command code"
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