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Copy of Copy of Introduction Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort

HTL 801 Group Case Analysis Assignment

홍구 홍구

on 7 June 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Introduction Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort

Meaning of CSR
Banyan Tree Hotel & Resort
“A company’s sense of responsibility towards the community and environment (both ecological and social) in which it operates. Companies express this citizenship through their waste and pollution reduction processes, by contributing educational and social programs and by earning adequate returns on the employed resources."

Strategic Direction
Vision Statement
20103122 SeungMin Lee
20103124 HongGeun Song
20111806 HyeJung Yoon
20130087 YuRan Cheon
20130077 MinYoung Park
Marketing Mix
 Exclusivity and Privacy
( Individual villas with private pool and spa
 Local-inspired architectural design
 Wedding ceremonies underwater among corals
 Intimate moments
 Spa in every resort
 Banyan Tree Galleries

Segmentation Targeting Positioning
Demographic reach : couples in 30s~40s ages, rich, luxury, premium market.
Geographical reach : North-East Asia, South-East Asia, Indian Oceania, Rest of the world
Psychographic reach : New age style, Relax, romantic & intimacy
Behavior reach : intimacy, privacy and rejuvenation
 The company has split their brand into two distinct entities, Banyan Tree and Angsana.
Active caring for the natural and human environment
Revitalizing local communities
Creating pride and respect among staff
Resorts were build from scratch using the local material
Minimized the impact on the environment
Toiletries such as shampoo, hair conditioners were nontoxic and biodegradable and filled in reusable containers
Wasted water was also treated
A. High quality and recognition of their brand
B. Provide good experiences to their customers based on local culture
C. Social responsibility as a brand value
D. Strong Asian presence
E. Great customer loyalty
F. Beautiful locations
G. Know-how in hotels and resorts’ management
H. Product diversity and customization
I. Easy access to the hotels

A. Resorts’ geographic location is mostly in Asia
B. Targets specific market segment
C. High operating cost
We want to build a globally recognized brand which by inspiring exceptional experiences among our guests, instilling pride and integrity in our associates and enhancing the physical and human environment in which we operate, will deliver attractive returns to our shareholder
To build on its brands, Banyan Tree and Angsana, to create a diversified group of niche resorts and hotels in strategic locations throughout the world, which would be complemented by residence and property sales, spa and gallery operations
Mission Statement
Banyan Tree is a Singapore based listed company famous for luxury resorts and spa market in Asia founded by Mr. Ho Kwon Ping since 1994 and received over 300 tourism awards.
It currently has 36 resorts and hotels, 73 spas, 91 galleries and 3 golf courses all over 28 countries
Couples who seeking for romantic love-nest (84%)
Corporate clients (10%)
Families (6%)

Marketing Mix
- Good geographical location BTHR (near to nature)
- Providing unique experiences in an increasingly
homogenized world
- Largely Asian cities with subservient culture
Marketing Mix
High prices - wealthy couples and people
Marketing Mix
 advertising
 personal selling
 Sales promotion
 public relations
 and direct marketing
a pull strategy - mass media, incorporate a push strategy
A. 2000 – Banyan Tree Gallery working closely with village co-operatives and not-for-profit craft and marketing agents, providing employments for locals
B. 2001 – Operates the Green Imperative Fund(GIF) – fund raising mechanism
C. 2003 – Launched Banyan Tree Maldives Marina Lab to promote marine conservation
D. 2004 – Banyan Tree’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committees is established.
E. 2005 – The Asian Tsunami Recovery Fund(ATRF) and Phuket Tsunami Recovery Fund(PTRF) established
CSR List
CSR Timeline
A. Worldwide expansion (specially Europe, America Latin)
B. Create a new brand to penetrate in other business segments
C. Partnership with international airways
D. Partnership with local guides in order to organize local cultural events
E. Increasing traveler numbers

A. High seasonality related to the business
B. Natural disasters (tsunamis, earthquakes, fires…)
C. Increasing competition
D. Diseases
E. Economic instability
F. Cannibalism between the two brands (Banyan Tree and Angsana)
Q & A
- According to Banyan Tree
CEO, “Angsana brand was
created to precisely
compete with the
Sheratons of the world..."
- the wider market, low
cost (40%) compared to
Banyan Tree brand

Perceptual Mapping
> Standard Beach Villa: ㄴ$350USD - ㄹ$550USD
> Beach Villas w/ Plunge Pools : $450USD - ㄹ$650USD
> Duplex Beach Villas: $800USD - ㄹ$1000USD
> Over Water Bungalows: $650USD - ㄹ$850USD
-Core Value
“Banyan Tree defines success not just financially, but also socially and environmentally. Sustainable development as a socially responsible business is core value of the Group.” – Ho Kwon Ping (Executive Chairman, Banyan Tree Holdings)

Involving guests in environment conservation
Coral transplantation program
Free marine biology sessions
 Established the Green Imperative Fund

SWOT analysis
Highly afflunent travelers, romance, intimacy, rejuvenation
Mainstream brand. less exclusive than banyan tree.
younger customers with lower perchasing power. young families
- High end of the market
- Niche resort, hotel and spa
market segment
- reflected the natural
environment, culture and
- Offering unique experiences
- Prime mover rather than a
F. 2006 – Banyan Tree launches Earth day
G. 2007 – Seedlings program & The Banyan Tree Bintan Conservation Lab established
H. 2008~2009 – Banyan Tree Global Foundation and the Sichuan Recovery Fund are launched
I. 2010 – planted almost 47,000 trees as part of their Greening Communities program
J. 2011 – Banyan Tree launches three-pillar approach to drive sustainability.
2012 - 50,000 trees planted.
1. Introduction
2.Strategic Direction
- Vision Statement
- Mission Statement
3. STP
- Segmentation
- Targeting
- Positioning
4. Marketing Mix
- Product/Service
- Price
- Place
- Promotion
5. CSR of BTHR
- Meaning of CSR
- CSR list
- CSR timeline
6. About SWOT Analysis
- Strengths
- Weaknesses
- Opportunities
- Threat
7. Q&A
Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts
Angsana Hotels & Resorts
Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts
Angsana Hotels & Resorts
Marketing Mix
CSR List
CSR List
Involving the local community
 Use local material and traders
 Use traditional arts and handicrafts
 Providing employment for the locals
 Scholarship for children, building schools, child care center, host lunches and parties for the elderly

역할 분담
역할 분담
Role Assignment
- Research : SeungMin Lee
HongGeun Song
HyeJung Yoon
YuRan Cheon
MinYoung Park
- Presentation : HyeJung Yoon
- Production of Prezi : SeungMin Lee
HongGeun Song
YuRan Cheon
MinYoung Park
-seasonal discounts during the low season

-quantity discounts

-discounts for returning customers
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