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Classcraft !

No description

fortin alexandra

on 21 November 2018

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Transcript of Classcraft !

Examples of Powers
- Trade places with anyone else in the classroom for a period.
- Get 5 extra minutes to complete a test.
- Get a hint on an exam question.
- All teammates get 10 extra points.
- Have the right to eat in class for the period.
- Save a teammate.
- etc.
HP Points
If you can get XP by doing positive things in class, you can also lose Health Points (HP) by doing negative things in class.

It is then important to get Powers if you want to save yourself or one of your teammates.
Action Points (AP)
If you want to use your Powers, you need AP. Each Power costs a certain amount of AP.
If you don't have enough AP, you can't use your Powers.

Each night, you automatically receive a certain number of AP.
Classcraft !
The goal of the game is to work together and gain Powers. They can be used for you only or used for your team.

Those powers can take different forms.

How to get Powers ?
You buy them with Power Points (PP).

You get PP when your level of Experience (XP) goes up.

for example : 1000 XP = 1PP
XP Points
In order to raise up your XP, you need to do
positive actions in class. Each action is worth
a different number of points.

You can only gain XP, you cannot lose XP.
Examples for getting XP
Examples of
losing HP
If you lose all your HP
You have to face consequences for your actions. These are sentences.

Teammates (or yourself) can help you if they have enough Powers and AP.
Examples of sentences
- 5 minutes less for the next exam
- detention
- stay 10 minutes at the next break
- answer a question correctly
- have a positive attitude
- help a classmate
- find a mistake the GM made
- etc.
- disturb the class
- arrive late
- be negative
- not do the work in class
- homework incomplete
or not done
- any other reason given by the GM
- All teammates get an extra 5 min in a test.
(40 AP)
- Can listen to his/her ipod during individual classwork.

(20 AP)
- One teammate gets 10 HP.
(15 AP)
- etc.
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