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Cultural Survey- India

Cross Cultural Management

James Bisacca

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Cultural Survey- India

Michael Pilcher, Claire McConnell, Katherine Mathews, James Bisacca Business in India Delivering Bad News American tips for giving bad news Negotiating a contract with seller or buyer Tips:
Arrive on time, though you may be forced to wait for your Indian counterpart
Present yourself in a business professional manner and have business cards available
Establish relationship foundation in first meeting
Understand that negotiating is widely accepted
Decisions will be made by the most senior Motivating Employees Delivering Constructive Criticism Criticism In the Classroom Recognizing Differences in Religious Holidays How to give bad news in India
Understand the holidays in your State .
Build these holiday dates into a master calendar.
Recognize the motivational impact of allowing employees to take leave for holidays.
Through communication with employees, understand the individual holidays and the significance to the individual.
Allow employees to select certain number of days for PTO
http://www.neoncarrot.co.uk/h_aboutindia/festival_dates_2007.html Be direct
Be quick, to the point
In private
Be prepared (anticipate responses)
Be ready to react but not reactive Indirect term of phrase
In private
Be ready for silence and acceptance
Costs more & Government red tape

High turnover
30% average turnover rate

Low turnover = cost savings

The key is Motivation!

Don't assume home country HR approaches will work in India

Motivation is key to retaining staff and getting employees to perform - but what motivates workers differs across cultures Tips Motivation High Uncertainty Avoidance

Relationship-based Culture

High Power Distance
Key Elements What Motivates Indians? Money is not an effective motivator

Successful Indian businesses include employees' families

Status is important
Background on Education in India
How children learned how to accept criticism from teachers Criticism in the Work Environment General overview of work environment

Dealing with Criticism:
Very direct and blunt
Nothing is sugar coated
Don't automatically fire, instead give a short period of time to improve Holiday Management Checklist
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