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Community Assistant and Community Assistant Coordinator Selection

Information regarding CA and CAC Selection

Meghann Martinez

on 18 March 2011

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Transcript of Community Assistant and Community Assistant Coordinator Selection

Dept. of Residential Life
CA Selection Community
Assistants Community
Coordinators Overview Compensation Apply Train Duties Eligibility professionalism customer service reliable team player courtesy eagle pride full time student gpa of 2.5 or higher no record of disciplinary action Not working a second job on campus available to work days, nights, weekends and holidays/breaks FAQs Deadline April 1st, 2011 Need Help? Visit or call Career Services 530-6337 Fall Training: August 11-13, 2011 Level 1= 10 hours per week, $320 per month Level 2= 15 hours per week, $480 per month arrive on time maintain logs and perform rounds provide customer service residential life guru attend meetings and trainings Duties Responsibilities Compensation Eligibility What we're looking for Train self-starter
team player
prior work experience
live on campus provide direction & support
assist with CA selection, training and evaluation
point of contact
customer service
office reports
attend meetings and trainings
office duties full time student 2.7 gpa or higher no disciplinary action not working a second job available nights, days, weekends and holidays/breaks minimum of 16 desk hours per week
office hours
$720 per month Starts August 6, 2011 be accessible at least 2 weekends per month and during breaks
role model
customer service extraordinaire
residential life guru Apply Apply via EagleTrak Upload Application, References and Resume Apply via EagleTrak Upload Application, References and Resume Deadline April 1st, 2011 Need Help? Visit or call Career Services 530-6337 I don't understand what is the difference between a CA and a CAC?
Can I apply for both? I'm a Community Assistant right now.
How do I get on board for summer/fall and what does this all mean? What is EagleTrak?
Why can't I print the application and turn it in? I've applied for this position before.
Do I have to apply again? Is training mandatory?
I have ... during that time. When and how do I get paid? I have questions and would
like to talk to someone. I turned in my application.
Now what? A CA has a set number of hours a week they MUST work at the desk depending on the level of hire.
Refer to the application for a more detailed list of duties, etc.
A CAC works a MINIMUM of 16 hours per week at the desk, maintains office hours, supervises the desk, does scheduling, etc.
Refer to the application for a more detailed list of duties, etc.
The biggest differences are in time committment, duties/responsibilities and pay.
Yes, you may apply to be a CA and a CAC however you must place an application for each position. We are glad you want to return! We know that there is always a new process and that is because Residential Life and NCCU just keep getting better!

The first step to returning is to apply via EagleTrak.
The second step to returning it to have your current ACD/CD fill out an evaluation form for you.
All ACDs and CDs have access to this form.
However, it is your responsibility to request that they fill one out and email it to meghann.martinez@nccu.edu.
Do NOT wait until the last minute to request this form! Respect your ACD/CD's time.
If your evaluation form is received by 5PM on April 1, 2011 then you do not have to interview for the CA position.
If you would like to be a CAC you MUST have your ACD/CD submit the form and interview. EagleTrak is a service provided by Career Services. You must register for EagleTrak online and submit your resume and application via EagleTrak. If you need assistance using EagleTrak you can visit Career Services on the lower level of the William Jones Building or call 530-6337.

The Department of Residential Life is making an effort to be sustainable. We receive hundreds of applications a year and no longer accept paper applications for the CA or CAC position. Additionally, EagleTrak is a GREAT tool that allows us to file applications, schedule interviews and mainatain our records online. Yes, everyone must submit a new application. Our old job posting is no longer valid and all old applications have been removed to allow for a clean start with our new positions. You may contact Ms. Meghann Martinez, Community Director, via the following methods:
Email: meghann.martinez@nccu.edu
Phone: 919-530-7811
Twitter: @meghannmm Once all of your application materials have been received and you are selected for an interview you will be notified via email to set up an interview time via EagleTrak.
Check your email DAILY.
Interviews will take place between April 7th-12th, 2011
Notifications of hire will be sent out by April 22, 2011. For the summer you will be paid in two installments on June 30 and July 29 at the per month rate.

For the academic school year you will be paid monthly on the last business day of the month August-May.
There is no additional compensation for meetings/trainings. We have strategically planned training around summer sessions, etc. If you have other extra-curricular obligations we apologize that we cannot accomodate them.

Fall training is mandatory and must be attended by all CAs and CACs. It is crucial that everyone receive the same information at the same time in order for us to be the best department on campus!
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