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The rights to the streets of memphis

No description

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of The rights to the streets of memphis

The rights to the streets of Memphis
Definitions and evidence
hostile- and unfriendly matter with someone. " you stay right there" in a deadly tone

flay- beat or whipped " They beat me" i gasped

frenzy- a state of period of uncontrolled" in a frenzy like never before i kept whipping them"
Point of view
the point of view is what the narrative is talking in. its 1st person omniscient because we only now why and what he is doing.
there is his mom, dad, him, his brother, and the gang and boys
the setting takes place in Memphis, Tennessee.
social conditions
his mom and dad are not together his brother and him seem like they are not close and him and his mom are close while him and his dad are not. they lived in a poor area
the mood in the story is sad and anger
rising action
his father leaves
his mom works
he learns how to shop
he gets beat up
the climax is the turning point in the story the climax in this story is when his mom makes him go back out and buy food after getting beat up
its the ending in a story. the ending in here is that he beats up the kids and learns how to stand up for himself.
the rights to the streets of Memphis by Richard wright.
the conlict is a problem between the main character and someone else the conflict in here is him not wanting to stand up for himself
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