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No description

Mackenzie Forman

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Firefighter

The average starting
for a firefighter is around
$38 796. The highest you can work your salary up
to is about $90 016.


I am lucky enough
to have a bonus in
this job. I have a
bonus of $4 848.
Vacation Weeks
I start off with a common
amount of vacation days but the longer I work there the more vacation days I get. It's true what they say, hard work dose pay off. The vacation days for when you work there for less then one year is 1.8 weeks, for 1-4 years is 2.5 weeks, for when you work there for 5-9 is 2.8 weeks. When you work there for 10-19 years you get 3.6 weeks, for when you work there for 20+ years you get 5.1 weeks.
Being a firefighter is a very difficult job, but it pays off. This job has a lot of great benefits. You paid holidays and vacation days. You also have life insurance and paid sick leave. Another great benefit is a company pension plan. A benefit that is mandatory for a firefighter and can also work to your advantage is a gym/health club memberships. Another great benefit of being a firefighter is a retirement plan witch I will be looking forward to after all those years of lifting heavy things and fighting all those fires.
The road to being a firefighter is a long journey you have to take a lot of high school courses, training and college courses. It takes a lot of work, and a lot of strength but it's worth it.
High school courses
There are a lot of high school courses you have to take to get into the right college with the right firefighter program. You have to take chemistry, science, phys-ed, math, and french courses. You must have a high school diploma to
become a firefighter.
You must not need glasses or contacts of any sort. If your glasses were knocked off during a rescue or your contacts were melted into your eyes you could put you and/or the victim in more danger. You must have a drivers license so you can drive to the the fire station if necessary and so that you can drive the fire truck. You most not have a criminal record either. You must be able to speak the national language of place you are working in.
You must go to college
before you become a certified
firefighter. I found a 3 semester
pre-service firefighter education
and training program at Georgian
college in Berrie. At the end of my
3 semesters I will receive a Ontario
college diploma.The total tuition
comes out to be $20 105.1, that's
a lot of money. This cost covers
book, OCAS application fee,
fire test,semester 1 tuition,
all 3 semester ancillary fees,
expendable supplies,
field trips and local transportation,
includes uniform,semester 2,semester3.
The weekly hours I will be in school is
18 hours.

Becoming a firefighter
You must pass a written test to test your ability to understand written and verbal instructions. It will also test your reading and math skills. There will also be a physical test, the physical test can be difficult and painful wile testing your strength and health. You also must pass an interview to show your confidantes and intelligence. You must also be able to think and act smartly and quickly under pressure. You must also know how to do CPR and first aid before you work at any canadian fire department. You must also pass a health and medical test with a docter before becoming a firefighter.
This job can almost be done anywhere because there can be fires any where. The only this is small towns like ares only have volunteer firefighters. Is I was wanting to get a full time firefighter job I would have to work in bigger city like London or Toronto.
This job has a lot of dangers because you are running into a burning building that's about to collapse at any moment. Even know this job has a lot of dangers it's worth it because you saving peoples lives.
The best/worst parts of job
I think the worst part about the job will be that I have to learn more french. The best part of the job will be seeing the peoples faces light up after I save there lives and there house.
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