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Fairmont Hotel

No description

Truong Thy

on 5 July 2013

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Transcript of Fairmont Hotel

Key Success Factors
Locally well advertised (4.5/5 ranked on TripAdvisor)
Only hotel in BC awarded Power Smart Certification in 2002
Pivotal number of global partners turning a stay into memories
Strategic location in Downtown

Comparative Analysis
Fairmont is known in Canada
for its famous historic hotels and resorts
Fairmont Empress
Victoria BC
Hotel Vancouver
Fairmont Chauteau Whistler
Fairmont Château Frontenac
The first Fairmont:
"Nob Hill's grand dame", San Francisco
Mission Statement
Business Services
Affluent Travelers
Founded in 1907
Operate in 19 countries
Canadian-based operator of luxury hotels and resorts
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Parent: Fairmont Raffles Hotels International
Target Market
SWOT Analysis
Provides upscale and luxury hotel
Globally well known for its consistency
Best landmarks and locations
Environmental leader in the hotel industry
Low employees per room ratio

Lack of personalized customer service
Green Partnership Program:

Minimizing operational impacts on the environment
Waste management
Energy/Water conservation
Eco Innovation Signature Project
Aged Building (historically older than its competitors)
Renovations may be required
Intense competition for business and affluent travelers
Employees' Standpoints
• Located in strategic cities

• Fewer hotels worldwide

• Less known hotel chain - eg. South America

• One of the pioneers for being a pet friendly hotel

• Beautiful architecture and décor throughout hotels

• Social Responsibility - “Green Leadership Award”
•Numerous exotic locations

•Many more hotels around the world

•More known globally

•A follower on the pet friendly regulations

•Very elegant and extravagant layout

•Attractive benefit plan for employees
• They are both perceived as luxury class hotels

• Canadian hotel chains

• Restaurants located in hotels are always recognized

• Old hotel chains

• Partners with reward programs
Customers' Standpoints
• A high class hotel
• Unbalanced ratio of staff: rooms
• Focused on strategic locations
• Center of attention: architecture
• Hidden fees
• 4 Diamond
• Big on social responsibility
• The best hotel chain in the world

• Direct competitors: Ritz Carlton, Shangri-La

• “Golden Rule”

• Only Canadian company in Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For (USA)

• Prestigious restaurants (Hong Kong, Paris, London)

• 4 & 5 Diamond (Triple A)

• Hard to land a job, big opportunities to move up
Provide high-quality services that go beyond customers' expectation to achieve brand loyalty
Personalize hotel services

Enrich customers' experiences

Increase number of employees per room ratio

Promote their spa & restaurants

Increase employees per room ratio

Empower employees by incentives
Increase promotion for
spa & restaurants

Survey & measure
customers' satisfaction
Continue to enrich customers' experience in all locations

Empower all associates to take ownership the hotel
Use statistics to measure the return rate of customers

Create surveys to ensure customers' satisfaction

New President Club's members
Personalize hotel services

Empower employees

Promote spa services
Accomplish their mission

Increase the value of their core business

Customers' loyalty
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