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Advanced 8 Writing

No description

G F Dowling

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Advanced 8 Writing

What do you know about pigs?

What do you think the pig might have done to save its owner?

What is instinct?
Adjective clauses
: a word or
naming an attribute, added to or grammatically related to a noun to modify or describe it. (google)
Brainstorming: the "WH-" Questions
It's very useful when summarizing main points of a story or event to ask these questions.
Extreme Perception
What do you think it means?
Advanced 8 Writing
ALP Portfolio
Please speak English only
Be on time
Do your homework
Writing 1|Writing 2|Writing 3|ALP|Mid Term|Final
Your Project Grade will be based on your writing portfolio
Your writing portfolio will contain writing done inside and outside of class (including homework).
Please do all assignments
including homework
it will be part of your grade
We will be doing process writing throughout the course. Avoid being absent since preliminary writings are factored into your grade (not just the final draft)
The mid term exam will be on the ninth day of class.
The final exam will be on the seventeenth day of class.
How can you tell if an animal is trained or spontaneous?
What do you include in a summary?

What do you not include?
Check out your Advanced 05 Grammar 2 book for more information on adjective clauses
: a unit of grammatical organization next below the sentence in rank and in traditional grammar said to
consist of a
. (google)
I saw a movie. The movie was horrible.

We moved to a big city. The city is very polluted.
Practice: combine the sentences with an adjective clause.
What do adjective clauses begin with?
What do we NOT repeat in an adjective clause?
What elements are in a summary?
What are not in an summary?
Can we copy the thesis?
is the "wrongful appropriation" and "
and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions" and
the representation of them as one's own original work. (wikipedia)
is considered
academic dishonesty

and a breach of journalistic ethics.
Restating what someone said in another way.
What would some benefits of a long life be? What might be bad about living so long?
Who does this personify?
Suffix: an affix added to a stem word to change grammatical usage or meaning.
What are some common suffixes that you know?
Grammar: Contrasting the Simple Past, Present Perfect, and Present continuous.
Descriptive essay:
What are the elements of a descriptive essay?
Intro,imagery, sensory details, and conlusion
Where does the thesis statement go?
Figurative Language
Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long
Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.
The tires gripped the road as if clinging to life.
What do you do to help people in need?
What are advantages of bicycles?
How could a bicycle help someone?
I don't believe it even though people tell my it's true.
Despite the fact that his mother told him not to, he went to the movies
Writing introductions and conclusions
What is the most important function of an introduction?
What are three common techniques used for an intro?
How can these capture the readers interest?
Remember, if your bored writing it, the reader will be bored reading it.
What is the purpose of a conclusion?
What are three common techniques used for a conclusion?
How is this usually accomplished?
How does your essay benefit from a good conclusion?
Final Draft:
An interesting
with a thesis statement

paragraphs with topic sentences that support the thesis (double underline thesis)
they must support your position but also acknowledge opposition
use concessions to introduce the counter argument. x3 (underline)
that restates the thesis and offers final thoughts
Use vocabulary x5 (circle)
restate thesis
topic sentence
topic sentence
topic sentence
Portfolios will be collected three times. Each collection will be worth one point. If your portfolio is late, you will lose half credit for that check. Also, if the portfolio is incomplete (this includes journals and homework), you will lose half a point. Assignments done the day of the collection are not considered for these collections unless otherwise stated by me.
Be sure to have a table of contents (index) and labeled section divisions as they are also considered in the completeness of your portfolio.
2) Classwork
All written activities from the book that are not grammar or part of the writing (including activities that were not completed in class due to lack of time such as Express Opinions and Synthesize)
Begin your portfolio with a Table of Contents:

Vocabulary Log
Journal Entries
1) Vocabulary Log
a) new word + part of speech
b) dictionary definition
c) dictionary example
d) your own example (Your own sentence using the new word)
e.g. Give up (v.) the act of quitting.
He gave up smoking.
I wanted to quit, but my friend told me not to give up.
4) Writings
Include pre-writing (brainstorms, charts, etc.), rough drafts, and final drafts (in the final copy highlight the points covered in each unit such as grammar, vocabulary, and other expressions or tips)

Grammar sections are typically assigned as homework since they are mostly a review and most of the class time is devoted to writing.
A reflection paragraph is required for research- write one personal reaction paragraph about your research or findings.
Add any activities assigned from North Star Lab: Focus on Reading, Academic Skills (A&B) from the units covered in this course (Compulsory).
5) Journal entries
Daily entries each entry should contain half of a page single spaced. (a full page if double spaced)
Include your personal thoughts and reasons for those thoughts about the subject you write about.
6) Miscellaneous
The section will include handouts, notes, etc. that do not fit into the other sections.
Label each section of your portfolio
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