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how our food can kill us

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ethan burton

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of how our food can kill us

mutant chicken -KFC modifies their chickens to be featherless, live in close quarters, and fully mature in 48 days. -chickens are three times as large as they were one hundred years ago. fake beef -beef contains high amounts of ammonia filter to kill e-coli and salmonela -e-coli caused by corn fed cows -e-coli beef causing liver failure -grain and grass fed vs. corn and pellet fed cows the foods we eat -In the late 1900s companies started to modifie their food products to be cheaper and bigger, for this reason chickens are now the most commonly bred animals on the planet Corn -Corn is the most common plant grown in the u.s. -Corn syrup and corn starch are the most common additives in foods. corn syrup is found in ketchup, peanut butter, soft drinks and many other products. -Corn is also modified to withstand all weather, chemicals, and to grow faster. if we eat organic foods and meat that comes from healthy animals we will not need amonia in our food. If we go back to eating grass fed cows there will be no more e-coli. If we dont modifie our chickens we will be alot healthier. If we cut down on corn syrup we will cut down on obeisity. There are answers to our problems and these are some of the answers to our food problems
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