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No description

ezechiel djossou

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Economy

Thank you
Global Warming impact
The greenhouse gaz emission
Global Warming's
impact on infrastructures
How the Global Warming affects the economy ?
Sea level
wild fire
extremes storms
Causes :
expensive repairs
damage of essentials infrastructures
Solutions :
Built and invest in resistant infrastructure and clean tech
Sea level rise impact on economy

- Canada can reduce its greenhouse gas emission
-The scientist say is necessary to avoid runaway climate change and can do so whit out harming economy
-study show it
-New project for David Suzuki Foundation
- My opinion


global warming
Effect :


Make more attention on our utilization of stuffs that pollute
Put some effort on preserving the north and south pole (causes of the sea level rising)
Reduce the CO2 emissions
Effects :

Destroy cities, infrastructures if it continues
Could go on earth and kill a lot of peoples
Makes economy crash
A lot of money we are going to spend to rebuild
-Unknown Author. David Suzuki Foundation (December 5, 2014)
Economic impacts
, URL : http://bit.ly/1sxQxw3
Global Warming's Impact on our natural ressources
10-25% decline by 2080
A healthy environment equals a strong economy.
Hundreds of communities in Canada depend directly on employment in fisheries, forestry, and agriculture.

-Unknown author, Canada's Action Plan, (december 2, 2014)
Protecting Canada's Environment
, http: actionplan.qc.ca
-Unknown Author. Union of concerned scientist (December 3 2014),
, URL: http://bit.ly/1xqYcCY
Clean tech
employee 41,000 people
generated $11.3-billion in revenues

(In 2012)
-Unknow author. David Suzuki Foundation, (december 6, 2014)
Finding solution to global warming,
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