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No description

Ryan Trust

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of BOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob Nourishes His Gifted Mind With Calculus He Studies Calculus On His Own In His Spare Time. He is 2 Years Away From Being Able to Take A Calculus Class in High School. Bob Comes to School Early Every Morning To Work on Calculus. He is a Perfectionist And Works Tirelessly to Understand Every Proof in a Book Purchased For Him By His Parents. Bob Rarely Talks to His Classmates. But It Also Doesn't Seem To Bother Him He's Independent and Sometimes Seems Oblivious Of the World Around Him. Bob Is Socially Awkward and Talks to His Teachers More than His Classmates. This Doesn't Seem To Bother Him. Bob is Independent so Absorbed in His Independent Work that He Seems Oblivious of Those Around Him. Bob Needs Little Instruction In His Regular Classwork. He Nose It All. The Only Questions He Has Are About Extensions of the Material or How It Relates to His Other Studies. Bob is An Autonomous Learner. He Seeks Knowledge and Determines
What He is Going to Study Next. All About Bob.

A Ninth Grade Autonomous
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