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Lord of the flies (ch.2)

No description

Ale Ramirez

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Lord of the flies (ch.2)

The boys have another meeting to discuss rules
Quote 2
"His specs- use them as burning glasses!" -Jack p. 40

This quote represents how Piggy's glasses become communal, not just his. Anyone else, like Jack and his knife, could claim their own, but this further shows how Piggy has a hard time standing up for himself.
Quote 3
"The conch doesn't count on top of the mountain," -Jack p. 33

Jack and Ralph are constantly struggling for power through out this book. This is one of the ways that Jack tries to input a sense of control over the boys, Piggy being the easiest to reprimand.
Quote 4
"We'll have rules!.. Then when anyone breaks 'em-" -Jack p. 33

Many times in a society, people only follow the rules because they know there will be punishment if the don't, not for their own morality reasons. This quote represents Jack's subconscious knowledge that the boys will only follow his rules if he enforces punishment upon them.
Quote 1


"There isn't a snake- thing. But if there was a snake we'd hunt it and kill it.

Ralph is trying to persuade the little-uns that there is no beastie, but Jack's "if" is allowing the boys to still be fearful. Jack wants the little-uns to trust him to be in charge and take care of the beastie problem.
Lord of the flies (ch.2)
"But I tell you there isn't a beast!" -Ralph p.37
During the meeting, a littlun tells everyone that he fears the beastie, but the other boys tell him that this is a good island
Next the boys determine that if they want to get rescued, they need to start a fire.
They go to the mountain and gather wood to build a fire, and light it using Piggy's specs.
The fire fails and they realize that there was no smoke and only a flame.
As everyone argues about the fire, the fire begins to spread and eventually catches part of the forest on fire.
During this large fire, the boys notice that the boy with the mark on his face has disappeared. Instead of trying to look for him, they ignore the situation.
Conch Shell- power
New rules: no one can speak unless they raise their hand and they're holding the conch shell.
Beastie- darkness inside
Signal Fire- wanting to be rescued
The small kid asks for the conch and informs everyone of the snake-thing that only comes out in the dark.
They were discussing how they wanted to be rescued and Ralph brings up the idea of the fire so if a ship came near the mountains, they would see smoke.
Piggy's Glasses- science
The boys used the glasses to make a fire by focusing sunlight on the lenses.
Example 1:
"He sighed, bent, and laced up his shoes." pg.38
Example 2:
"the boys stopped going back for more and stood, with the pink, shattered top of the mountain around them." pg.40

Example 3:
"the flame.....enriched with color.....exploded with a sharp crack." pg.41
Example 4:
"they looked at him with eyes that lacked....drum-roll of the fire." pg.44
Quote 5
"You got your small fire alright." -Piggy p. 44
Piggy's sarcastic tone shows that he knew all along that the boys couldn't figure out how to keep it going. This comment represents how intelligent he is, but he knows he has no right among the boys to act on his intelligence.
This chapter focuses a lot on civilization vs. savagery
As the boys have their meeting, Ralph represents morality and civilization, while Jack represents savagery and cruelty
We know this because Jack continuously interrupts Ralph during the meeting to talk about punishment for the rules and hunting, where Ralph is trying to be responsible and make rules
The beastie is mentioned for the first time which is important because it represents the nature of evil in mankind.
Later in the chapter when the boys try to make a fire, they start to begin to lose focus on whats important(rescue) and began to fool around. This results in the fire being unsuccessful. This shows that the true nature of the boys is to play and not work
When the boys realize that one of the littluns is gone, they ignore the situation which is an example of a lack of morality and civilization
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