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No description

Patricia de la Calle

on 19 April 2012

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Transcript of Merca

Supermarkets based on trust
"To prescribe the necessary solutions for 'The Boss' in order to make easier the manufacture of its Buyout"
"To be recognized as a company that meets very well the needs of its customers, employees, suppliers, society and capital"
1. To fully satisfy all consumers' feeding, household cleaning and personal hygiene needs, as well as those related to the care of their pets (customer satisfaction).
2. To offer the best possible work conditions and training for the employees so that they can count with a workforce committed and stable.
"To be satisfied, you must first satisfy others"
"Become the company that best treats its staff"
3. To sign agreements of indefinite duration and create synergies with suppliers in order to generate stable relationships.
4. To sastisfy the society and modernize the urban commerces neighborhoods in which their supermarkets are, stimulating the social and economic environment.
5. To obtain the maximum benefit from its five components by satisfying all the stakeholders needs.
"Quality does not Have to be more expensive"
"Offer quality at reasonable prices"
Values and Commitments
1. Prices always low
2. Dialogue with the consumers
3. Quality offers
4. Proximity (1.356 supermarkets)
5. Transparency
6. Innovation
7. Culture of effort
(Product innovation, concept innovation
and technological innovation)
Thank you!
To promote dialogue and direct communication with "The Boss".
Maximum quality at the lowest price: Recommended Product.
Go back to the simplicity in order to reduce prices with an efficient assortment and quality.
Menu Shopping: The shopping cart with higher quality and cheaper in the market.
Proximity and closeness.
TransversaL Innovation oriented to their needs (product, technology, concepts and processes).
Always Low Prices (SPB): price stability, no offers or promotions.
Prescription: "The Boss" at the center of decisions, to offer him/her, in every moment products with the best value on the market.
Stability (permanent contract), career development and internal promotion.
Concilation of family and work: pioneering initiatives, among others, the supermarkets do not open on Sundays.
Model of Human Resources management based on leadership and the Culture of Effort and Labour.
Transparency and participation in the benefits of the company.
Necessary and ongoing training required to perform the tasks of the job.
The boss
The employees
Stability and lifetime contracts.
Long-term agreements, communication and transparency in the relationship.
Structure of production activities to promote development and wealth.
R+ D + Double i (Research + Development + Innovation backed by the lever on Investment).
Impulse innovation and optimization processes to provide the product with the best value

If you are a student, in Mercadona
we have the job that best suits you.
Looking for weekend jobs?
8. Safety
Any product has to guarantee:
1st: food security
2nd: quality
3rd: offer a service
4th: be price competitive
5th: Generate benefits
"If we want to receive, we must give first"
Commitment to social and economic development in the areas where it operates.
Social productivity: • Produce more with fewer resources.
• Sustainable transport.
Goal of being "invisible" in the environment where it operates
Ongoing dialogue, active participation and closeness
To educate and to inform about the business model, their business planning and their decisions.
Adhered to the Global pact in defense of fundamental values on Human Rights, Labour Standards, Environment and Fighting Corruption
And what about the fifth
component of
Mercadona's model?
Constant and sustainable growth
Reinvestment of profits
Innovation as a competitive factor
Bet on the long term
Increased productivity by improving and standardizing processes.
sales evolution
profit growth
Productivity evolution
In 2011, Mercadona joined the
code of good practices.
Does Mercadona care
about sustainability??
We want to know it!
Paper and paperboard
used batteries
sustainable logistics
sustainable transportation
energy saving
recyclable and reusable packaging systems
waste management
Product ecodesign
weight reduction and
change in the format
removal trays
cardboard suppression
decreased volume of the lid
reduction in printing inks
We love Mercadona!!
I like my
job in
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