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AtSCA VMOT Excercise


Patricia Sta.Maria

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of AtSCA VMOT Excercise

AtSCA VMOT Excercise 2010-2011 Outline
Thrust Para sa Diyos
Para sa Bayan Vision The Ateneo Student Catholic Action is a student organization which hopes to direct
the growth of its members
towards service for others
based on their Christian faith
and ideals, on their Filipino
spirit, and on the pursuit
of truth through liberal
education What we want for our org
What we work towards
What we want to achieve Mission To form responsive and Christ-centered individuals possessing leadership qualities whose actions are grounded on a holistic development in terms of spiritual formation, and integration with the poor. What we do to achieve our vision
Our means
What our organization does and does best
How our org is going to become what we want it to become
Vision: What we aim to be, what we aim the org to be

Mission: What we aim to do in order to be what we want to be Objectives 1.To grow holistically through area experiences as we strengthen our relationship with our four areas namely Kaingin-Uno Block 4, Kaingin-Uno Block 6, Marytown and Park-7 and their stakeholders. 2.To respond to the pressing needs of our four urban poor areas by ensuring consistent and sustainable area activities and establishing linkages within the capacity and resources of AtSCA and partner institutions. 3.To provide avenues for AtSCAns and the Ateneo community to be aware of and respond conscientiously to social, economic and political issues based on our Christian faith and ideals. 4.To provide opportunities for AtSCAns to integrate and imbibe the three pillars of formation towards their development as Filipino Christian Leaders. 5.To ignite and strengthen each AtSCAn’s passion for the organization and its ideals. Thrust Nation-building by Forming Filipino Christian Leaders Who Strengthen and Share their Faith with Others through Area Apostolate, Social Involvement, and Ignatian Spirituality. Continued empowerment and service to the Nation through the strong formation of Filipino Christian Leaders, a formation grounded on Social Involvement, Area Apostolate, and Ignatian Spirituality, and shared with the greater community.
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