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My babeyyyyyy <333333

Ashley Torres

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Baeza

<3 Baeza <3
His Earlylife
He was a normal teenager that smoked weed , he had family problems , his dad left him & he only lived with his mom , starting at age thirteen he started in the Music Buisness.
Type of Music
He first started by Hip- Hop & later as he got better into the Music Buisness he got better beats. Likeeeeee ....
Club Music

Who is Baeza?
Baeza is a young famous rapper born in Fresno, California. He is 19 years old & his real name is Anothoney Ray Baeza.

The song that made him famous was
"Far From Ready" it his millions of views
Who signed Baeza?
He had many offers from different records , but denied them for unsaid reasons & finally he found a sponser that approved his music & was signed on March 28, 2012. After that day he was youtube famous.
a lil extraaa ;)
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