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Shoshone Tribe

No description

Cindy Tang

on 4 May 2017

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Transcript of Shoshone Tribe

Allies and enemies
-The allies and enemies they had

-How they interacted with there allies/enemies

- The Shoshones had a lot of allies

Where did the Shoshone live?
What were their Traditions?

- Men were allowed to marry as many
women as they wanted to.
-Dancing: The Father Dance, The Shuffing Dance ( Ghost Dance) & The Sun Dance.
-Told Stories During the Winter
-Facial Tattoos, Clothing, Paint their face, etc.
What are they known for/as?
-The Shoshone Indians were known or called as the Snake Indians.
Daily Life
- The Shoshone's would live with a group of 10 or less
- Men would do lots of hunting for animals/food
-Gathered Roots and Plants
-Women Gathered seeds and sang along

Religious Beliefs
Wonderful Facts

- They were known as " The Snake Nation" or others would call them "Digger Indians"

~ They participated in several ceremonial dances.

~Most Shoshone people speak English today.

~The Shoshone Indians are still around today.

~the Shoshones wore a different style of clothing each season.




By:Cindy.T, Claudia.M, Mahira.R, and Shellee.N
Open up the wonders about the Shoshone Tribe
-They were also known for their excel in defensive combats, their specialists at scouting and their excellent hunting.
-Their unique ability allows them to grab a much bigger chunk of territory.
~Natural resources
~porcupine quils

- The Northern of the Shoshone Indians
- The Western of the Shoshone Indians
- The Eastern of the Shoshone Indians
~Eastern shoshone
~Two forms
~Personal success

- for every season the Shoshones had a different style of clothing.

-their clothing where made out animals like deer, buffalo, antelope, marmot, beaver, deer, elk, and fox.

- Teepees

-how they stayed warm in the winter
- who took charge
- when there's 15 poles on a teepee each pole has a special meaning.
-Did not have many transportation.
-Used rafts for traveling on rivers.
- Sled for carrying belongings.
-Road on Horses after North America has discovered them.
( Sho-Sho-Nee )
-They were sometimes called The Diggers.
-Shoshone artists are famous for their beautiful work.
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