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A Perfect Gentle Knight

No description

sarah st.cyr

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of A Perfect Gentle Knight

A Perfect Gentle Knight By: Kit Pearson
When the mother of the Bell children died it released a depression that started with Fa and gradually started "eating away" at Sebastian.
Roz starts getting to old for the round table.
Sebastian and Aunt Madge.
Corrie starts getting depressed about other people depression and gets torn when people are mad at others.
Sebastian, Fa and the aftermath.
When Sebastian went mad that night, Fa realized he was ignoring the death of Molly, and he and Sebastian talked about things while Sebastian was at the hospital.
They all came to terms with Roz leaving the round table when they all stopped play acting the knights of the round table.
Corrie convinced Sebastian to stop acting like a child and call aunt Madge, because everyone else needed her.
Everyone gets happy and Corrie feels the happiest of all!
Sebastian wasn't talking to the family for a while because he needed to find out who he was...
A death of a loved one is hard and that diving into something to save you from reality isn't the answer.
Everyone should speak up when you feel sad, or are worried about someone.
Self Identity

What I Thought
I thought that the book was good, although it was very depressing. I loved how she could balance the bad with the good so it's not all bad. I liked the fact that everyone learned how to act better, and more like a family.
One tragic day, the father of the six Bell children returned home alone. There mother had been killed in a car accident. Sebastian (the eldest) took their mothers death the worst along with their father. Their father or Fa as they call him, has retreated to his books barely spending time with his kids. Sebastian runs the house and started a game that they pretend that they are knights of the round table, but as Roz (a year younger then Sebastian) starts getting more interested in junior year rather then playing pretend games all hell breaks loose. Corrie is stuck between her loyalty to the family, to the Round Table and to her new friend Meredith. As Sebastian seems to be unable to distinguish reality, and fantasy, Corrie tries her best to hold the family together even while she seems to be falling apart.
Main Characters
The Depression
The Rest Of the Family
This story takes place in 1957 in Vancouver Canada, it takes place over the course of a school year.
By: Sarah
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