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Copy of Urgency

No description

Anqi Mao

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Urgency

SELF-PROTECTION Developing a Change "Vision" First COMPLACENCY False Pride Or Arrogance
Anqi Mao
Nadina Saracho
Shouwei Lin “We spend a lot of time as Women, analyzing and trying to fix things that aren’t quite right. We should spend more time appreciate at things we do like!”
- Dove Real Beauty Sketches Bring The Outside in

Increase Urgency To The Society
Change Our Perspective THOUGHTS FROM THE VIDEO
Relationship To Complacency

Relationship To Self-Protection DOVE VIDEO
No Need To Change?
Having A Sense of Inferiority
Fear To Change Self-Describe vs. Other Perspective
Chapter summary
What Works
Showing others the needs for change with the compelling object that they can feel, touch and see
Showing valid evidence from outside the organization that shows change is needed
Always searching for cheap and easy ways to reduce complacency
Never underestimating how much fear and anger exists, even in good organizations

What Does Not Work
Maintaining focus on getting top management approval, building a rational business case, and going to the front of the line while ignoring feeling that block change
Ignoring lack of urgency
Jumping immediately to create a vision and strategy
Believing that without a crisis you cannot go anywhere
Thinking little of yourself if you’re not in charge Learn from
The Need For A Sense of Urgency
Find Out A Problem
Show Sensitive To The Issue

Four Tactics For Increasing Sense of
Bring The Outside In
Behave With Urgency
Find Opportunities In Crisis
Deal with the No-Nos YOU NEED URGENCY NOW!
Crisis Leadership-
An Organizational Opportunity
Organizational change-
overcoming resistance by creating readiness
Creating and managing readiness:
the five key elements

the need for change.
demonstrating that it is the right change
key people support the change
members have the confidence they can succeed
an answer to the question, ‘‘What is in it for me/us?’’ • Task Priority
• No Need To Change Emotional Reaction

Bring In Sensitivity VIDEOTAPE CASE
Reference Kotter, J. P., & Cohen, D. S. (2002). The heart of change : real-life stories of how people change their organizations / John P. Kotter, Dan S. Cohen. Boston, Mass. : Harvard Business School Press, c2002.

Self, D, R. (2007). Organizational change-overcoming resistance by creating readiness. Development and Learning in Organization, 21(5), 11-13. Key players are far from the CEO

Make a cheap and easy action cheap & easy Getting The Bosses’ Approval
Driven By Fear And Anger

The Videotape of The Angry Customer
• Manager’s Prospective
• Lack of Communication Seeing Feeling Changing Exercise From "big picture" to short-term problem
Crises, Burning Platforms, and Fear "Burning platform" force people to Change

Fear can convert to urgency
Too much fear will become liability
Crisis bring panic and fear
catch attention
Use evidence Jumping ahead is a general issue A team is needed
right people
a commitment to the hard task
capacity to work together If you have suffcient urgency and good enough team, step 1, in a sense, is vision. Increase Urgency Step1
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