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DIY: Hair bows

No description

D'Twa Powell

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of DIY: Hair bows

By: D'Twa Powell Introduction How to Make your very own hair bow Scissors
glue gun
Hair clips
fabric glue Step 3: DIY: Hair Bows Are you tired of spending your Money on expensive hair bows?
Well now there's a solution to that. Make them yourself! It's easy, you'll save money, and it's fun to make! Today I will be taking you step by step on how to make your very own hair bow ! What you will need Step 1: choose fabric of your choice Cut fabric rectangular shape (3x8in) Step 2: Cuff and glue top and bottom of fabric fold each end to center and glue (Do It Yourself) Step 4: Pinch center of bow Step 5: Glue between each crease and hold Step 6: Get a small piece of material 3 in 8 in Step 7: Step 8: Fold each side of the material then glue together 1 2 3 wrap material around bow Flip bow over and choose where you want to cut Cut, glue, and hold until dry Step 9: Set up hot glue gun (allow 5 min to warm) then apply hot glue to hair clip Press and hold on to bow Now your done ! Ways you can wear your Bow Thanks for watching!!! -D'Twa Powell
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