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stem research project 6th grade

No description

brooke hill

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of stem research project 6th grade

Stem Research Project 6TH Grade
The Theory Of Plate Tectonics
The lithosphere moves and divides the ocean floor into a couple dozen plates. That move around like ice on a lake pangea breaks into plates.
By Brooke Hill and Denise Burk
Convection is hot air rising and cold air dropping in a cycle. Convection currents in the mantle move the plates of the earth.
Divergent Boundaries
Convergent Boundaries
Transform Boundaries
Divergent Boundaries
They produce rift valleys .
Most active ones occur between the oceanic plates.
Also found in the mid-ocean ridge.
Convergent Boundaries
Also known as destructive plate boundaries because of suduction.
A subduction zone the subducting plate with oceanic crust moves beneith other plates forms Himalayas.
Transform Boundaries
Also known as conservative plate boundary.
Most transform faults are hidden in deep oceans.
How are Mid-ocean ridges and Subduction zones different
Mid-ocean ridges are plates spreading.
Subduction zones are areas of plate convergence.
Major Plates
North american plate, Pacific plate, Nazca plate, South America plate ,African plate, Arabian plate ,Eurasian plate, Philippine plate ,Indian australian plate, Antarctic plate, Scotia plate, Cocos plate, Caribbean plate and Juan De Fuca plate.
What plate is North Carolina located?
North american plate.
Map of the plates in the world
The websites I used
yahoo answers.com
plate tectonics .com
A fault is a fracture specific to tectonic processes. The rock is pulled to the breaking point. The fracture will be accompanied by displacement of one side relative to the other across the break. Other fractures can be connected with nearby faults and folding .
What is a fracture and a fault within a rock layer ?
Earthquakes are caused by abrupt shirt along a fracture in the earth called a fault.
The focus is where an earthquake starts and epicenter is where the earthquakes is hit the hardest .
The state of California stands by to tectonic plates mainly the North American plate and the pacific plate where there tectonic plates meet there is usually so much seismic action. So much its a result to frequent earthquakes.
The new mardrid is a large fault that runs through five different states. The fault begins in the area of Charleston Missori and ends down by marked tree Arkansas, the new Marid Tretens Illinous Indiana Missouri Arkansas Kentucky Tennesse and Missisippi it lies within the central Mississippi valley its Northernest point in southern Illinous, and extends southward in eastern Arkansas and west Tennesse 1895 was the last major earthquake of the new Madria.
Different types of volcanos?
A volcano forms above a hot spot
Hot spot different from other volcanos?
Difference between magma and lava?
Magma is under ground lava is above ground
Name Kilauea
Type Shield
Nearest cities or towns
Hilo is the nearest city distance =51 mins 32.2.
Populations of cities and towns
about 43,263.
Date or most recent erouption
March 8,2011 was most recent erouption from Kilauea.
Lava shot at a 100 feet lava flowed more than 120 acres Jan. 3, 1983 because of the volcanic actpupty the national park service has closed the chain of caters round and all east rift coastal trails .
Small forest fires and burning trees.
book prentice hall science explorer
Whats a black smoker
A geothermal on the seabed that ejects super heated water containing much suspended matter typically black sulifide minerals
This huge ring of volcanic and seismic (earthquake)activity was noticed describe before the invention of the theory of plate tectonics. Theory the ring of fire is located at the boarders of the pacific plate and other major tectonic plates .
Describe the pacific ring of fire.
part 1 and 3 is Brooke Hill
part 2 and 4 is Denise Burk
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