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PE & the Care of Children and Young People

No description

Dafydd James

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of PE & the Care of Children and Young People

PE & the Care of Children and Young People
The aim of this unit is to provide a basis of understanding for those intending to
children and young people.

Learning Outcome 1
Know the structure of Physical Education within the curriculum

Learning Outcome 2
Understand the importance of physical education in society

Unit Recap
Learning Outcome 3
Be able to structure a lesson of PE

Learning Outcome 4
Know the responsibilities of those who work with children.
There are four assessments in this unit

3 x written assignments
1 x group presentation

First assignment handed out 24th September
What is required of you?
Lesson 1
In groups of no more than three, discuss what PE was like at your school?

What were the reasons why you liked or disliked it?

What were your PE teachers like?

What activities did you do in lessons?
Task 1
Physical Education is defined as a “process of education through physical activity”

What is Physical Education?
In your groups, discuss how PE was delivered at your school?

What were the facilities like?

What were the resources (equipment) like?

What sports teams were in your school?

What sports events were held at your school?
Task 2
Introduce the National Curriculum
Today’s Learning Outcomes
Looking at your own experiences of PE.
What is Physical Education?
Lesson 2
What is the National
Early Years Foundation Stage
National Curriculum
Key Stages
The National Curriculum is a
used by all schools to ensure that teaching and learning is
What is the National Curriculum?

2. ‘Key Stages’ within the National Curriculum
3. Concepts of the EYFS
Today’s Learning Outcomes
1. Introducing the National Curriculum
What are Key Stages?
What is the Early Foundation Stage?
Foundation Stage aims to improve Physical Development
Sharing and Co-operation in groups
Lesson 3
1. Looking at the various key stages of the National Curriculum
2. Understand the key concepts of key stage 1-4

Ask questions
Group Work
Act as apprentice teachers
* Physical Fitness
* Develop Motor Skills
* Knowledge and behaviour of healthy and active living
* Sportsmanship
Learning through physical activity:
Schools are free to plan and organise teaching and learning in the way that best meets the needs of their pupils
Curriculum sets out:
Knowledge, Skills, Understanding & Standards required in each subject
Physical Education a core subject at all key stages
Early Years Foundation Stage
Statuatory framework sets standards for early years providers
Ensure children learn & develop
Healthy & safe environment
Prepares children for school
Assignment 1
P5: Outline the importance of physical education to society
Produce an A4 Poster
Your poster must cover at least 5 key points
Sporting Benefits
Social Benefits
Economic Benefits
London 2012
'Feel good factor'
Social cohesion
Talent Identification & Development
Safer communities (crime rates)
Activity improves quality of life for all ages
Healthy & Active Population
NHS Costs (Long-term)
Productivity at work/school
Use of leisure time stimulates economic demand
Hand-in Date - Tuesday 15th October
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