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By: John Steinbeck

No description

Jocelyn Porath

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of By: John Steinbeck

The Pearl
#1 Symbol: Scorpion

#3 symbol: Canoe/Boat

#4 Symbol: Rifle

The Pearl represented hope and a future. Not just an average future, but one that someone could only dream of. At first it seemed like a blessing, but as the story went along we come to realize that it actually hid its true self, a curse, behind the beauty of the unknown treasures. Kino fell for it deeply. He suffered major substantial consequences for it.
#5 symbol: Pearl




#2 Symbol: The Doctor

The aim of our presentation:

By: John Steinbeck

Period: 2


Jocelyn Porath

10th grade

Rachel Boyer &

Symbolism in the pearl:

In this journey of Kino's (a hispanic tribal man living in poverty) life, he goes through many struggles that leave him making choices that he never thought would come his way. From watching his one and only son Coyotito intake poison, to loosing his family heirloom and eventually becoming a killer, he has to make some pretty gruesome decisions. But when the Pearl of the world comes into his possession, Kino sees a hopeful dream. He sees a hope for his family, reputation, and his future.
The Rifle in this story represent status and power. Not just anyone had one. Especially not the village people of the brush houses. Rifles were white mans weapons. The people of the brush house village could only dream of such weapons and wealth.The people were jealous when they hear Kino speak of purchasing a rifle, no wonder they despised him.
The doctor in this story is not really who he portrays to be. A white fat man that indulges himself in chocolates and cares nothing for the people. He even vents about how he will not play veterinarian. Gluttony, and racism are major symbols expressed through him. Some examples are: poisoning the baby, disgust at fine food, and taking advantage of the naive village people.
The canoe represented tradition. Kino only had one only family heirloom, the woven secrets of his forefathers. He owned almost nothing else. It had been in his family for many generations. The canoe produced both food and a living for Kino's family and many before him. Each villager also had one for their family.
Symbols from past stories
The White Heron
Mask of Red Death:
In the story there are eight different rooms, each of them a different color. In the order they were placed it goes a long with a sunset. From blue, purple, green, orange, white, violet, to black.
The scorpion is the first evil introduced in the story. It sneaks up on the family, both figuratively and literally. By the way it waited to attack it also represents how the evil in there lives was present, but they did not realize it until it had already left its sting. They were able to overcome the poison by sticking to tradition. But the evil still lead to them finding the pearl.
Thank you for watching our presentation. We hope you enjoyed and gained some insight on The Pearl. Hopefully you learned about how things are not always just as they appear.
As you watch this power point we would like you to leave with different mind set on books. That things are not always what they portray to be. A lot of the time people, places, or things represent something else. Possibly the bigger picture of what is really going on. You have to dig in to the unknown to find its hidden secrets.
The clock in the story ticks away almost if it is counting down the minutes left in their life.
The clocked figure in the story creeps along almost unnoticed by the guests. they all just want to forget what is going on in the rest of the world and they don't realize when death sneaks up on them.
The short story of the white heron symbolizes nature and purity. A young girl wants to save the life of a bird, but a hunter, who she thought was her friend, wants to kill the heron.
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Adventures and Appreciations
The Pearl
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