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30 Things About ME

No description

Cheyenne Nikkel

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of 30 Things About ME

I am 13 and turning 14 this year May 4! I love bacon! I am a big time 4-H-er! I do just about all I can do in the county fair! I wouldn't be able to live without horses... like seriously! I love doing art in my free time! I really really want a Galaxy S 3 :) I love playing as a catcher in softball! 30 Things
About Me Some of my pictures I took for 4-H went to the state fair and got a blue ribbon I have been with wild horses before :) I want to live in California My Favorite cat out of 8 cats is Buckskin... My horse's name is Cookie... and we do almost everything together! :) Every summer my family and I go camping with our horses! I show my horse in the county fair every year I have a dog and his name is Rex:) My Spirit softball team won state champion this year! Here is my sister... This summer I played on another softball team:) It was super fun! Here is my brother... and my brother isn't super good at it :) This is like
my brothers first
time riding a mule!!!! Here I am! I have a heifer that I showed in the county fair ever since she was a bottle calf :) I show chickens at the county fair:) and here is her best friend :) I have been to the Great Divide These are all my Nikkel side cousins and we had a chance to go to Florida! yay I have bright orange skinny jeans! and I love them! It is tons of fun!! My brother is in the army... I have been to the Grand Canyon before and when we were camping we woke up to see an elk in our campsite! I have been to the Missouri Tigers campus for softball it was super fun! I want some Beats... like really bad!!!!!! I love Mizzou!!!!! I really love Kit Kats... they are my favorite candy bar
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