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Senior Presentation

By: Cody Sherman

Cody Sherman

on 24 May 2012

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Transcript of Senior Presentation

Early Life Surfing is A Way of Life Influential Father Welcome to My Senior Presentation! Surfing keeps me fit and healthy > advocates a healthy lifestyle
Self directed learner in order to improve
Taught me good work ethic
Good life choices > wave selection
Keeps me away from drugs and alcohol
Made me a great waterman
Learned how to read weather patterns, and understand how the earths tides work Personal Growth from Surfing Born and Raised in Point Loma
American Family
Grew up playing sports (baseball, basketball, football)
Spent all of my life by the beach > developed love for surfing Especially in San Diego > Prime surfing location
Grew up going to the beach everyday
I have been surfing my whole life
Track swells, tides and winds > to know where the best spot is My dad is the greatest influence in my life
He Taught me everything I know
He makes sure I’m on the right path in life
He's been surfing forever > Taught me to surf It allows me to express myself > Each wave is an art canvas
There is no right or wrong in surfing
Everyone has their own style > no one surfs the same
Allows me to forget any problems I have
Connect with nature
Keeps me fit I Surf Because... Competitive Surfing PLHS Surf Team 4 years> captain 2 years
I have been a competitive surfer for 5 years
Surf Contests up and down California coast
Test my skills against other surfers
1st overall for SD county schools
2nd overall in the State Environmental Sciences Attend San Diego State University
Study Environmental science
Join the SDSU surf team
Enjoy the rest of my life! College Plans Thank You! Sponsorships Must be an effective communicator to obtain/ maintain sponsorships
My sponsors are the following:
Pomas My love for the ocean
Surfing influence decision to study Environmental Science
Preserve natures beauty
Acquire job in the industry
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