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Mike Cohn's "ADAPT" concepts

ADAPT is derived from ADKAR change management model, I found it very effective in bringing change

raghu Challapilla

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of Mike Cohn's "ADAPT" concepts

Three month trial, to get past first couple sprints that may feel uncomfortable
Thank You!
... that we need to improvement
... to change
Paraphrases & Excerpts from Mike Cohn's "Succeeding with Agile"
ADAPTing to Agile
Communicate the problem
Don't preach or propose a solution
Provide exposure to new people and experiences
Encourage folks to attend conferences or training

Run a pilot project
Successful pilot demonstrates that things can be better
Hard to argue with success
Focus attention on the most important reasons to change
What are the
2 or 3 most critical
Products do not meet user expectation
Products take too long to develop?
Morale is low
Overtime is excessive
Schedules are unpredictable
Use metrics
Rather than focus on those who are reluctant/ opposed, spend time helping the Scrum enthusiasts
Communicate there is a better way
Communication shifts from "problem", to focus on how Scrum can help address those problems
Create a sense of Urgency!!!
Build momentum
Scrum test drive!
Create a sense of Urgency
One way to turn awareness to desire is to turn up the heat
Focus on addressing fear
How we behave is often influenced by what we fear
Mixing the two messages, can cause people to shut down from both
One way to turn awareness to desire is to turn up the heat
Engage Employees
Don't discredit the past
Enlist as many allies as possible
People identify with the way things used to be, and feel that their self-worth is at stake whenever past is attacked
Provide Coaching & Training
Training along with on-site coaching is usually required
Hold Individuals accountable
... for applying the new skills the organization is paying them to acquire
Share information
Ask people to present what they learned to others in internal "mini conferences"
Set reasonable targets
Don't risk pushing too much too quickly
Just do it
Experiment, be patient, and expect to make mistakes
Human Resources
Annal reviews that rank people against each other will undermine the efforts to encourage teamwork
Sometimes... it's better to ask forgiveness than permission
Educate on transperancy provided by Scrum
Show that while Scrum still can not guarentee on-time delivery, it can provide early exposure to possible schedule slips
Food is always a good idea (Mary Lynn Manns & Linda Rising in
Fearless change
Publicize success stories
In successful change efforts, the emphasis was on encouraging employees to build on success rather than on having them fix problems (Study by McKinsey & Co)
Host an Agile Safari
Non-Agile employees can join Agile team for couple of weeks to experience it
Attract attention & interest
Shamelessly seek attention

To think and work as a team
To create working software within short timeboxes
To evolve design
To develop and test without reliance on documentation
... to be Agile
To reinforce Agile behavior in successful teams
To spread awareness and set the stage for next ADAPT cycle
... the implications of Scrum far enough into other parts of organization, so that the entire transition is not pulled back by the "Organizational Gravity"
We held an "Open House" on Halloween for business to come visit, and see wha we are doing with Scrum... put up posters... gave away prizes (Lori Schubring, Dev Manager)
Talk about the progressive refinement of plans combined with it's strict adherence to dates
raghu challapilla
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