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Teen Class

Muscular and Flexibility

amber eversley

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Teen Class

Teen Class Workouts
Step 1
Quad Stretch
Step 2
Hamstring Stretch
Step 3
Step 4
Neck Stretch
Routine, Safety, and Guidelines.
Weekly Workouts
Applying SPORT/FITT principles to the stretching routine and muscular training to gain AWESOME results.
Repeat twice grabbing one foot at a time with the appropriate hand for a total of four reps.
Barbell Shoulder Press
Lift the barbell above head and bring down to shoulders slowly. Repeat twice for 8 reps.
Hold for 30 secs each leg, do 2-3 times. No more.
Glute Ham Raise
Do 2 sets for 15 reps
Hip and Gluteal Stretch
Repeat on both sides for 30 secs and 10 reps
Pull Ups
Do 3-4 sets for 8 reps
Hold for a count of 10 repeat on both sides of head. Do this twice.
Do 3 - 4 reps for a set of 10. Hold this position for 30 secs.
1, Warm up before lifting weights or stretching use proper lifting technique breathe correctly by exhaling on the lift and inhaling on the recovery.
2. Breathe deeply while stretching to maximize the oxygen supply to your muscles and help them recover.
3. Train to have muscular balance in your body, both top to bottom and front to back to maximize results and avoid injury control the weight when lifting
1. Continue lifting or stretching when you feel pain.
2. Exercise any muscle group more often than every other day.
3. Lift more than you know you can lift.
4. Wear clothes that restrict your movement or interfere with equipment .
The obesity rate in teenagers has tripled since forever. You ask why? Well it's due to the fact that teens are eating more and more empty calories and aren't putting in the extra exercise to burn off those useless calories. The caloric intake/output ratio has become unbalanced to a degree that something has to be done about it. To balance it out, teens need to start back exercising, going outside and put down the video games. Even though the lack of exercise isn't fully to blame for the obesity of our youth, it is a big part of the solution. A balanced, healthy diet and some good, decent exercise is all we really need to lower the obesity rate in teens.
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