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Bauti Olaizola

on 12 May 2017

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Transcript of Water

Molecules of water

Amount needed
The amount of water that we need depends on the environment, the weight of a person. The media or water need for a man is 2,5 lts or 3.7 lts and for a woman is 2 lts or 2,7 lts.
Water help us to fight back the stroke, diabetes and reduce risk of having cancer.
The water resources are mainly the water cycle where we can get the water we drink. Also, there's a lot of water in the food, mainly in fruits.
How important water is for us
This happen when your body needs water. This cause drops in energy, mood, skin moisture and blood pressure.
This happen when your body has a lot of water. After this, the sodium electrolytes in the body become diluted so cells swell. Sometimes kidneys cannot support so many water so water intoxication starts. This can cause death, vomiting and headache.
The molecules of the water consists of the formula H20, with two light hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. The molecules attached together as they are polar. This mean that one molecule has more electronegative than the other one.

Our body is composed 60% of water. The water regulates our body temperature, cushion an lubricate joints and help to nourish the brain and spinal cord. The brain, heart, lungs and bones have water too. We also loose water through the sweating, urine and breathing, that's why we need to drink so much.
If the body needs water, the brain send signals to produce the anti diuretic hormone, in the kidneys, aquapornis begin, so the body keeps more water.
Properties of water
1) The water is a universal solvent, this mean that it can solve a lot of things. This happen because of the polarity and hydrogen bonding ability of water molecules.
2) Cohesion and adhesion. Cohesion happen when the hydrogen bonds in water cause water molecules to stick together. Adhesion happens when polar bonds give molecules an adhesive property or the ability to cling to other surfaces. This help the transport of nutrients and wastes in an organism.
3) High surface tension. This happen because molecules at the surface area are more strongly attracted to each other than the air above.
4) High heat capacity. This help the living organisms to maintain the internal temperature at a certain degree.
5) Change in density based on temperature
1. What is a "Polar Molecule"?
2. Why is water a polar molecule?
3. Explain Cohesion and Adhesion
4. Why there is high surface tension in water?
5. Explain water cycle
6. How the body loose water?
7. What is dehydration?
8. What is hyper-hydration?
9. What are the consequences of dehydration?
10. How is water composed?
1. A polar molecule
2. Polarity
3. Adhesive and cohesive
4. Surface tension
5. Condensation
6. Photosynthesis
7. Lubricate
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