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Contributions to the American Revolution

This reviews the important people and nations involved in the American Revolution.

Gresham Brown

on 17 February 2011

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Transcript of Contributions to the American Revolution

Contributions to the American Revolution Women Martha Washington Mary Ludwig Hays
"Molly Pitcher" Abigail Adams "Remember the ladies" Accompanied her husband to England and France Ran the family farm while her husband was in the Continental Army Stayed with the Continental Army during the Winter of Valley Forge Cared for soldiers and encouraged their spirits Served alongside her husband during the war Patriots Patrick Henry George Washington Thomas Paine Benjamin Franklin John Adams Marquis de Lafayette The 2nd Continental Congress named him Command in Chief of the Continental Army. Inspired his men and kept the Continental Army together A Frenchman who served as an aide to George Washington He helped train the Continental Army a Massachusetts leader and Son of Liberty was on the committee responsible for writing the Declaration of Independence served as an ambassador to France and helped negotiate the Treaty of Paris highly respected writer and scientist helped convince France to support the Patriots wrote the pamphlet "Common Sense" that persuaded colonists to join the Patriots "Give me liberty or give me death!" Countries and People Groups France sent soldiers and supplies joined after the Battle of Saratoga wanted to defeat their old enemy - England! The Netherlands By helping, they hoped to increase their trade with the Americans. The Netherlands' banks gave loans to the Americans. Native Americans England promised to protect Native American lands if they became allies with the British. Native American groups united to protect their lands and fight against the Patriots. brought pitchers of water to soldiers on the battlefield
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