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Marketing Bonne Maman

No description

Manon Lapeyre

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of Marketing Bonne Maman

General Information
Values & Objectives
Strategic choices
* Bargaining power of customers : medium
Industry analysis (Porter’s five forces) :
Strong brand loyalty
Simplicity & creativity
Fresh ingredients with no conservative & no additive
Happy childhood
a lot of substitutes
a lot of clients
* Bargaining power of suppliers : quite low
Industry analysis (Porter’s five forces) :
many milk producers
price of milk decreases by 10 to 20%
Industry analysis (Porter’s five forces) :
* Threat of new entrants : quite low
Big barriers to entry
big barriers to entry
* Threat of substitutes : very high
* Competitive rivalry within the industry : high
Market definition
Big market in volume & in value
Structure & attractiveness
Significant part of the food-processing industry
Virtual monopoly (54%)
Very dynamic sector
Development level
Detailed competitors analysis
Direct competitor
Close competitor
Substitute competitor
Indirect competitor
Detailed competitors analysis
World leader in the fresh products

Known all around the world

Europe = 56% of its turnover

Very good image focused on the health

4 millions yoghourts per hour
3 factories will be closed

Decrease of 40% of their net income
PEST analysis
Market environment analysis macro-level

Help companies to improve their decision making and timing
PEST analysis Political
Dairy market : extremely volatile

Public intervention, private storage & export refunds

Minimal milk price : impact on large companies

PEST analysis Economical
Sales decreased of 0,7%
606 800 tons of yoghourt
1 146 356 thousands euros
20% in 10 years
2nd European consumers
Basic product
PEST analysis Social
Advertising campaign to promote milk and dairy product consumation

Les produits laitiers sont nos amis pour la vie

Eating habits of the people affecting the marketing decisions
Logistic need to be the most efficient

Specific machinery

Sanitary inspection machines
PEST analysis Technological
Detailed competitors analysis
French leader in fruit yoghourt market

Second leader in fresh products

Large offer of ≠ tastes & sizes


1 million yoghourt per hour
Used forbidden probiotics : lost money
Detailed competitors analysis
La Laitière
Brand name from the painting La Laitière = authentic & maternal warmth image

Too traditionalism : mass product - not very diversified

Low value added
Thank you for
your attention
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