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Drug power point

No description

Eliana Rodriguez

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Drug power point

Inhalants Street Name What is it? What it is?:Inhalalents are househeld products that are abused. Many inhalanta are househeld products that are used to get high. Cleaning and Disinfecting products are used for other reasons that keeping things clean. How it enters the body Category What is it?: There are four main types of inhalalents:
Volatile sovans-liquids that become gases at romm temperature.
Gases-medical gases and househeld cleaning supply and products
Aerosol spray-prevalent inhalents found in homes
Nitrites-room decorizers that relese vapors when opened.

How it enters the body:Since most inhalents are gases or the turn into gases, most are sniffed or inhaled. one can breath it in through the mouth or it could enter through the nose. Street name: Nitrate inhalents are called "poppers" and "snappers". Nitrogen oxide is sometimes known as "wippets". Others are called "air balst", "moon gas", "poor man's pot" and even "bullet rush" Short Term Effects Long Term Effects Inhalans can effect the brain very quickly and even keep oxygen from getting to lungs. Other effects are slurred speech, halluciations, Nausea or vomiting. Inhaling these toxis can permanantly damage your brain and nervous system. The feeling of being "high" only lasts a few minutes so users inhale even more causing permanant damage. Many Long term effects are liver, lung, ans kidney problems, and weak muscles. Who uses it People who use inhalant are under alot of stress and they think it could helo. They wnat to be accepted and seem cool. Most people who are in that group are usually in the ages of 13-20. They usually find them at parties, raves and even in their house. Medical uses A medical use for Nitrite is a treatment for Angina Pectoris. Nitrous Oxide is used for Dental Anesthetic. one major medical uses is a use for Asthmatic patients, who suffer from asthma attacks. Interesting facts inhalants can kill you at the first "huff" Inhalants create a quick, temporary feeling of high, which is why so many people die of over-doses Inhalants are househeld products and are easily avalable at any store, and its reletively cheap. "Huffing" is the 3d most abused substance and over 75% of people who try it the first time are under 18. "Sniffing" some substances can lead to hearing loss, Black outs and bone marrow loss Most kids think that inhalants are harmless, and it ends up costing their lives. By: Eliana Rodriguez
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