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dry run small school terr mgmnt

No description

Laura Dicas

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of dry run small school terr mgmnt

We May Be Small But We've Got It All!
Small School Prospect and Territory Management

It's starts from Day 1: The relationships we build help ensure our success!!

Understanding the Process
What season are we in again??
Melt and Prep
Keeping the ones you got and prepping for the next cycle
*the Melt and how to avoid it
*using what you've learned this year for the next cycle
In Conclusion...

Wrap Up

*seasonal overlap
*what's your goal again???

We all have the same goal: Get students to college!!! How do we do this? Relationship building and taking the time to understand the process
Staff Relationships
All Hands on Deck!!!!
*it's a team effort every day
*can help you learn the biz
Counselor Relationships
Information Sharing
*"I don't know"

Counselor events and other acts of

Counselors know us and feel that their students are taken care of
Parents and Student
We ARE our institutions...
*families call us first for ALL questions about the campus


Application Season
Small school apps have more parts
*Essays, rec letters, resumes
*"holistic review process" for admissions and scholarships

Using the parts to build the relationship
*targeted conversations

We are the resource for scholarship knowledge and encouraging visits
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