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Compare it

No description

Natalie Yu

on 28 March 2015

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Transcript of Compare it

Risk Management

- Risk avoidance
- Sets slower speeds
- Better safety features
- Stricter regulations
- Risk mitigation
- Transshipment facilities
Long-Run Path
- Development of renewable energy
- Shift reliance on oil export to
- China's export of environmental
goods : $160 bil in 2014
- Everlasting demand for energy
- Robust returns to investment
- Cost of solar energy decreased by
83% in last 5 yrs.

- Gradual transition from short-run to
- Improvements on transportation
- Less reliance on pipeline developments
- Better management of national oil funds
- Maintain Canada's position as
Energy Powerhouse but through
Renewable Energy.

We are Canada
- Third largest proven crude oil
- Third largest supplier of natural gas
- Net exporter of oil and natural gas
Sustainability as an
Energy Powerhouse

Short-Run Path
- High abundance of resources:
oil, human, and capital assets
- Positive outlook for the future
- Pipeline is still the safest and most
environmental mode of
- High initial fixed cost but much
lower variable cost
- Transshipment Facilities
- Shift reliance on Keystone pipeline

by: NIR Group

- Larger government buy-in: certainty for
- Tax breaks mean riskier projects
- Raise current tax rate of 15%
- Conservative approach to
using the fund
Case Study: Norway
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