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on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Blendspace

Steps to create a lesson
Create a Quiz
Our example lesson plan: The 5 Senses
Step 1:
Go to https://www.blendspace.com and click

Step 2:
Select “I’m a Teacher”
Step 3:
Enter in your Information
Step 1:
Begin by searching lessons…
Step 2:
or create your own by clicking “new lesson”
Step 3:
Follow prompts
Step 4:
Use toolbar on right side to search
desired information (Ex: YouTube, Google,
Vimeo, Flickr, Educreations, Gooru and more.
Step 5:
Drag and drop desired worksheets, videos, web links, etc. or “Add Quiz”
Step 6:
Follow prompts
Steps to create a lesson (cont.):
Steps to create an account:
Blendspace gives teachers the ability to infuse technology into their classrooms.
Some of the features of Blendspace include:
ability to create lessons in five minutes
monitor student progress
share lessons with fellow educators.

The simplicity of Blendspace allows teachers to have access to a wide variety of sources, including Google, Youtube and images available through search engines. Tracking students' progress through the 'class' feature enables teachers to see where students are spending their time, provide quizzes to assess students' learning, and evaluate your class as a whole.
Just how simple can creating a lesson be?
What is Blendspace about?
Sharing lessons
Share the lessons you create with fellow educators
Work on lessons collaboratively (need a premium account)

With the simple 'Evaluate Your Class' feature you can:
Track participation
Get student feedback
Evaluate through quizzes

(Only with Premium)
Google-style collaboration
in real time
voice annotations
Chromeapp & Edmodo capabilities

Add Blendspace to your task bar, and when you come across click the Blendspace tool, and the site will be added to your Blendspace.

Blend your classroom with digital content
Blendspace is available anywhere there is a browser
Step 1:

Click on "Add Quiz"
Step 2:

Begin typing question where it says "Enter a question here..."
Create a Quiz (cont.):
Step 4:
Add more answers with the "add answers" button.
Step 3:
Add answers by typing where it says "Enter an answer here..."
Step 5 & 6:
Don't forget to highlight the correct answer then press done .
Blendspace is an easy way for both teachers and students to organize and put together information. Teachers have the ability to gather all the resources for easy access including: video, pictures, websites, or worksheets.Teachers can also track quiz scores and student progress with the material. Students can use blendspace to create reports and have all the sources they need in one place. Lastly, blendspace is easy to use for presentations. Blendspace makes life easier for everyone and is fun and easy to use.
Add a class
Get ideas from other teachers!
Begin by:
clicking "classes" on the left hand side, select the grade level then type the name of class
and "Add Class".
A box will pop up giving you your "class code." This is what you give your students to join!
2 Ways to find lessons

Click "gallery" on left hand side and type in search bar.


Search genre by scrolling through lessons already displayed
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