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Nicolas Bourbaki

No description

Khaleed McClain

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Nicolas Bourbaki

Nicolas Bourbaki was not a real person. The name is a pseudonym for a group of mainly French mathmeticians that wrote books. And it all began in 1935.
Why that name?
The last name Bourbaki is was the same as a French general who fought in the Franco-German war in 1871.
The group's purpose was to write a rigorous textbook in analysis but soon expanded into presentations of the many branches of algebra.
The first writings started in 1939 with the first volume of "Elements of Mathematics"
Szolem Mandelbrojt
Jean Dieudonné
Jean Coulomb
Charles Ehresmann
René de Possel
André Weil
Jean Delsarte
Henri Cartan
Claude Chevalley
Lie Groups and Lie Algebras
Functions of a Real Variable
Algebre Commutative
Theory of Sets

They are still available today!
Nicolas Bourbaki
By: Khaleed M. and
Ibrahim E.

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