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YuJia Wang

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By April Wang HongKong For Sightseeing The end Hardware facilities Universities are the goal We traveled delightly with touring party accompanied.

Our daily journy is well organised.

More issuses prepared,less time wasted.

Parents obtain our routine and photos online,cause the teacher recorded in time. About us Growth Thanks for listening Avenue of Stars The beautiful sights deeply impressed me.
I can still feel the excitment in re-call.
Photo time! Charming beach
livly sea
full happiness Repulse Bay Here's Disney Cantonese & English are commonly used Independent learning& more opportunities ----Information booming Something
unforgettable Bazinga~

Experienced the transpartation.

Chat with group members from different places at different ages.

Crazily shopping is our "mission". Communication What a wonderful trip! Make freinds And... Be independent Ask for help
Keep safe
Map using
learn wherever
Be responsible
Parents at ease
What's more... Feel the Culture England & China HongKong With the process above... Imperceptibly grew up, grew up on the way. Definitely I'm proud!
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