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Copy of Assignment 03.09 How Can I Persuade Others to Help Me?

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Tutti Duby Parr

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Assignment 03.09 How Can I Persuade Others to Help Me?

Assignment 03.09 How Can I Persuade Others to Help Me?
I think you should help me with my biology project
I think that you should help me get a better grade, if you think about it You will also gain something. You will know more about Biology and have experience in it in the future when you have to help somebody else.
Many students fail their classes each year. I can easily become one of them if you don't help me.
You can help someone and gain good leadership skills, plus you don't have to do much. I just need an explain on what I have to do and where I can find information.
You can gain a good reputation
If you help me and I could let people know the effort in your help and they will think highly of you. It may also just look good for you in your community.
You will help me solve the root of my problem.
If you help me today, you wont only help me with the biology project but with a life lesson that i will keep forever.
If you help me and I get a good grade, you would have learned something as well!
The project you would help me in is not only for me, It's a project that will benefit the class as a whole.
What we learn in this class is leadership skills.
And one of them, I think is to help someone when they're in need of it.
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