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London 2012 Olympic Games Ambush Marketing

No description

Professor B.

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of London 2012 Olympic Games Ambush Marketing

Olympic Ambush Marketing
Historic Examples of Ambush Marketing at the Olympics
1984: Kodak sponsors TV broadcasts, despite Fuji being Olympics’ official sponsor. Fuji returns favor at Seoul 1988 games

1992: Nike sponsors news conference with the US basketball team. Michael Jordan accepts the gold medal for basketball and covers up his Reebok logo

1994: American Express creates runs ads claiming Americans do not need “Visas” to travel to Norway (for Winter Olympics)

1996: Nike buys out billboards around Olympic sites

2000: Qantas Airlines’ slogan “Spirit of Australia” coincidentally sounds like games slogan “Share the spirit” to chagrin of official sponsor Ansett Air

Athletes Participating in Ambush Marketing
Michael Johnson - 1996 Olympics
Michael Jordan - 1992 Olympics
Ambush Marketing at the London 2012 Olympic Games
Gatorade- Usain Bolt
Nike - "Find Your Greatness"
iSelect - "Games Bandwagon"
Other Forms of Ambush Marketing at the London 2012 Olympic Games
Paddy Power
Beats Electronics
Bonus Coverage: Sochi Winter Olympics 2014
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